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Thousands Of Stylish And Durable Watches Recommended Starting From 10,000 Yuan

It is also the exhibition time. For the brand, each watch is its original work, showing the beauty of design. Every brand is eager to show the difference through the beauty of details, or new applications of materials, or the decoration of diamonds, or different logos, or smooth lines, and always feel the brand’s characteristics in the design . Know at a glance, the models are said to be brands and series. Ladies watches are now more and more valued by brands. As an indispensable part of the watch market, ladies watches of different brands have their advantages. The following watch homes will bring you three ladies watches, starting at 10,000 yuan. I wonder if I can capture a woman’s heart?

  Baume & Mercier MOA10036

Watch reviews: Since its inception, Baume & Mercier watch has continuously presented creative timepieces to the world. Today, the brand has successfully gained public recognition and favor. The interchangeable strap can be said to be one of the biggest features of the Baume & Mercier series. The diversified choices also provide women with new and unique matching options, which continuously meet the needs of women and perfectly realize the different occasions Accessories switch. No matter when and where, the elegant charm can be vividly expressed. This watch, numbered MOA10036, is made of stainless steel and has a 27 mm round case. The case has a ring-shaped digital scale and the dial inner ring has a bar scale. The two display the time together. The case and strap are linked in a unique way, making the dial look slimmer and more feminine.

  Functionally, the Baume & Mercier MOA10036 has hour, minute and date displays, and the date display window is located at six o’clock. The light brown calfskin strap is bright and bold, and the white stitching stitches are even more prominent, highlighting the brand’s detail and intentions. The dense bottom cover is water-resistant to 50 meters and carries a quartz movement inside to ensure accurate timekeeping. Its price is currently about 15,700 RMB, and many people can still reach this level of consumption.

Basic Information
Number: MOA10036
Brand: Baume & Mercier
Series: Ling Ni
Movement type: Quartz
Gender: Lady
Price: ¥ 15,700
For more watch details, please click: Longines PRIMALUNA heart month series L8. watch

Comments on watches: Although there are many brands of watches, what is really acceptable to the public and affordable is not those expensive PP, VC, but more people-friendly brands. Longines, as a well-known watch brand, already has its own unique elegant style, which accurately interprets the brand’s unique aesthetic interpretation. The full Sina Qinxinyue series watch inherits the classic elements, showing the nobility and fashion of urban women from a modern perspective. This L8. watch is made of stainless steel and has a round case of 26.5 mm, with a rounded arc. Abrasion-resistant sapphire crystal with multi-layer anti-reflective coating on the inside. White mother-of-pearl creates a romantic atmosphere. The dial is set with 11 top Wesselton VVS diamonds, which become the time scale. At three o’clock, a date display window is provided. The sword-shaped blue-steel pointer is more prominent on the silver-white background, and the track of time is drawn in circles.

  The sturdy and durable silver stainless steel bracelet uses five interlocking links, which shine brightly against the skin of women. With a seamless and elegant butterfly buckle, it is easy to open and close, simple and beautiful. In terms of power, the watch is equipped with the Swiss original movement L595. The movement is self-winding, with 28,800 oscillations per hour to ensure accurate travel time, and a power reserve of up to 40 hours.

Basic Information
Number: L8.
Brand: Longines
Series: Elegant
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Lady
Price: ¥ 14,600
For more watch details, please click: Radar CENTRIX Crystal Collection R30940013 watch

Comment on the watch: When it comes to the radar watch, it feels more like new materials and new designs. The distinctive radar watch has a strong sense of modernity and innovation, making the watch perfectly fit the wrist. This Crystalline R30940013 watch is made of stainless steel and the silver case has a metallic luster. The 28 mm diameter is perfect for a woman’s wrist. The white dial features gold hour-markers and minimal Arabic numerals, with a texture on the center circle. In addition, the date display window is at three o’clock, and the radar’s classic logo is at twelve o’clock. From the side, the gear-type crown is easy to operate.

  Inside the case of this watch, the core mechanical components are ticking. This watch uses a Swiss high-quality automatic winding movement, which will be used to the fullest precision, can be wound automatically, and can use the energy generated throughout the day. Through the back cover, you can see the internal structure at a glance, and feel the automatic swing of the oscillating weight. At present, the price is about 10,000 yuan, and friends who like it quickly start.

Basic Information
Number: R30940143
Brand: Radar
Series: Crystal Extract
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Lady
Price: ¥ 10,500
For more watch details, please click: rado / 20298 /

In summary: the world of watches and clocks is very beautiful, exploratory and interesting. Women’s love of watches is not inferior to men. Women’s fashion and love for beauty make them adapt to the changes of the trend. The calmness and intellectuality of women make them better understand the memory of that time and appreciate the delicate patience. Therefore, the watch is one of the indispensable equipment for women. In addition to leisure and fashion, it also accompanies your life and work, reasonably arranges the time per minute and second. When you are alone, the ticking sound of the ticking, more Is a caring companion. Whether it is a female white-collar worker in the workplace or daily wear, the watch will add a lot of color to you and become the most beautiful equipment on the wrist. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

The 46-year-old ‘superb Hormone Man’ In ‘the Hunting Ground’ Originally Bought More Than 100 Watches In Private!

Recently, due to the popularity of the TV series ‘Hunting Ground’, Hu Bing once returned to the public’s sight once again. Hu Bing, who appeared as a supporting actor and ‘Financial Elite Chen Xiufeng’ in the TV series, made many audiences praise him when he appeared. This is not only because he is a successful career in the play, but also the graceful and warm elite men. What makes everyone look dazzling is his handsome appearance at 46 years old and a very strong figure.

Hu Bing ‘Hunting Grounds’ Stills

   At a time when everyone is enthusiastic about the middle-aged men’s greasy crisis, the 46-year-old Hu Bing’s ‘fine hormonal man’ image really speaks justice for middle-aged men. Strict management of body and appearance is one aspect. As the image ambassador of London Fashion Week, his sophisticated taste in dress and accessories has also contributed a lot to Hu Bing’s ‘fine hormones.’ If you want to go into the details, he currently has a collection of more than 100 watches, which definitely adds a lot to his fine hormonal male image.

Hu Bing wears Rolex Sea-Dweller series blue-faced Ghost King in the play

   In the TV series ‘Hunting Ground’, the financial genius Chen Xiufeng played by Hu Bing ‘lit’ the Rolex Blue-faced Ghost King in a rival play with Hu Ge. The talents in the financial industry are equipped with this blue-black gradient dial Rolex, which not only shows the solid personal background of the financial elite, the unique details of the gradient dial also polished the role of the character in the play. And this public price of more than 90,000 yuan, is not the crew’s props, but Hu Bing’s own possession. Because Hu Bing has taken this private ghost king many times in private before.

Hu Bing in the Rolex Sea-Dweller Series Blue Gradient Ghost King

Hu Bing in the Rolex Sea-Dweller Series Blue Gradient Ghost King

Hu Bingdai Rolex Sea-Dweller Series Blue Gradient Ghost King
   This watch has a case size of 44 mm, a thickness of 17.6 mm, and a watch thickness of 5.5 mm. In fact, it is very heavy, and it is not easy for ordinary people to wear. It can be felt by looking at his hands-on picture. It has a strong and tall body. Hu Bing, domineering sportsman’s appearance is still very much in harmony with it.

Hu Bing ‘Hunting Grounds’ Stills

Hu Bing wears Piaget Altiplano G0A39112 watch

   In addition to using the private Rolex as a ‘prop’ in the play, Hu Bing also wore the Piaget Altiplano 900P jewelry watch that he bought when he participated in the 2015 Geneva Haute Horlogerie Exhibition. This watch, which set the world’s thinnest jewellery watch record at the 2014 “Watches and Miracles” Asia’s Fine Watch Fair, is only 5.65 mm thick. The 18K white gold case and the exquisite gear operation design on the dial make this ultra-thin watch luxuriously mechanized and modern. Hu Bing later revealed that when he went shopping for his watch, he bought it without hesitation.

   Prior to the broadcast of Hunting Ground, many viewers felt that Hu Bing had been relatively quiet in recent years and rarely appeared on silver screens and other public places. In fact, Hu Bing is only supporting supporting actors in the acting, so he has less attention than before. However, on the other hand, after Hu Bing became the image ambassador of London Fashion Week, a large part of his work focus was inclined to the fashion circle. During Fashion Week, his figure appeared more, which is why he maintained a good image and Taste is more important to him.

Hu Bing attends Fashion Week, wearing a Bulgari OCTO watch

Hu Bing wears Bulgari OCTO series watch

   Hu Bing’s image of an elite acquaintance makes him more mature and stable on the player table. The unique case structure and sharp cut design of the Bulgari OCTO series watches are full of male fortitude. Hu Bing changed his dress a few times during Fashion Week but still wears this watch, which shows his love for OCTO.

Hu Bing wears Zenith ELPRIMERO watch

Hu Bing when wearing Zenith ELPRIMERO 03.2522.400.69.R576 watch

Hu Bing when wearing Zenith ELPRIMERO 03.2522.400.69.R576 watch

Hu Bing Dai Zhenli Pilot Series 03.2430.693 / 21.C723 watch

   Zenith’s watches have also won the hearts of Hu Bing. On several occasions, he has worn different Zenith watches. ElPrimero series chronograph, the dial design looks complicated but the layout is reasonable, Hu Bing wears cool. When filming the TV series ‘Aspiring High Flying’, he played the pilot and also selected the Zenith Pilot’s Watch, which was very suitable. This Pilot’s Watch is a classic in Zenith’s early Pilot’s collection. The onion-locked crown features an iconic, classic, wide black matte dial that clearly sets out large white Arabic numerals. This big dial Hu Bingdai is completely stress-free.

Hu Bing wears Chopard L.U.C series 161963-5001 watch

Hu Bing wears Chopard L.U.C series 168544-3001 watch

Hu Bing wears Piaget Altiplano series G0A40113 watch

   Most of Hu Bing’s watches are tough, but occasionally he also chooses some elegant gentleman models. Chopard’s L.U.C series is one of his choices. The simple lines are matched with a porcelain dial, a satin frosted case, and L.U.C’s unique toffee-shaped diamond-shaped hands, which are elegant and low-key. Hu Bing also had a Piaget Altiplano G0A40113 watch with an 18K rose gold case on a occasion to catch a plane. The simple dial with a rose gold case and luxurious and low-key accessories on the wrist secretly enhanced his gentleman style.

   Therefore, middle-aged men do not necessarily equate with rough and greasy painting. Personal quality cultivation and exquisite taste in life are the keys to measuring a person’s personality. Hu Bing, 46, is a prime example.

The Great Journey

(September 9, 2013, Dijon, France) After nearly a year of long-distance flight, the legendary flying team under Breitling, the top independent watch brand in Switzerland-the Breitling Jet Team (Breitling Jet Team) successfully returned to its Dijon base in France, marking the end of the ‘Breitling Dragon Tour’. As the founder of professional aviation timepieces and a trusted partner of the world’s aviation industry, Breitling wholeheartedly supports this world’s largest civil professional jet aerobatic team for more than ten years, and demonstrates the wonders of flight to the public through wonderful aerobatic flight performances. Pass the brand’s aviation roots for a century.

This great journey departed from Dijon, France, across the entire Eurasian continent, and for the first time historically flew over China, Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, Russia, and several important cities and landmarks in Eastern Europe, with a total mileage of 40,000 kilometers. , Equivalent to orbiting the Earth’s equator, is an unprecedented flying feat. This is also the longest and most challenging trip in the history of Breitling Jets. On the way, the fleet’s seven L-39C jets delivered 28 exciting aerobatic performances to more than 5.5 million audiences from various countries. ‘This is an adventure beyond imagination, and the team’s concerted and fearless challenges make it all happen.’ Breitling Jets captain Jacques Bothelin said when reviewing Dragon China’s journey, ‘as Switzerland The aviation image ambassador of the famous watch brand Breitling, we hope to pass the love and unique understanding of flying to all parts of the world, and ignite the desire of everyone in flying. ‘

Breitling Jet Team Completes Dragon China Tour

Breitling Jet Team Longteng returns from China with two supersonic fighters escorted in Switzerland
Longxiao Kyushu: Breitling Jet Team Debuts in China
百 On October 9, 2012, the Breitling Jets set off from Dijon base, passed through Eastern Europe, and flew to China for the first time after crossing Russia’s Siberia and Mongolia. After 8 days and 25 hours of flight, passing 12 transit stations, 6 countries, across the entire Asia-Europe continent, with a flight mileage of nearly 13,000 kilometers, 7 L-39C jets finally landed successfully at Zhuhai International Airport. ‘This is a great teamwork! Each team member is facing various challenges, and it is very difficult to travel long distances in the cold, night, and across multiple time zones.’ Captain Jacques Portlin of Breitling Jets said, ‘But through With the joint efforts of all the team members, we have overcome many difficulties and finally came to China. ‘
百 From November 12th to 18th, 2012, the Breitling Jet Team officially debuted in China for the first time, flying high at the ninth China Air Show held in Zhuhai, Guangdong. The 7 L-39C jets fully explain precision, speed and courage: magnificent formation flying, eye-catching dual-machine cross flight, high-tech close-range flying, wonderful spiral flip, specially designed for Dragon The Chinese-designed flying action ‘Yu Long Xi Zhu’ and finally the beautiful ‘Ultimate Bloom’ presented a perfect visual feast for Chinese friends.

Breitling Jets set off from Dijon, France

Breitling jets fly over Prague, Czech Republic

The Breitling Jet Team’s flight action tour specially designed for Dragon China
Dragon Leap East: Breitling Jets Asia Tour
2On February 18, 2013, after a winter break and maintenance, the Breitling Jet Team flew away from Zhuhai, China for a five-week trip to Southeast Asia. The fleet flew over several important cities and iconic locations in the five countries of the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, and collaborated with multinational air forces and national aerobatic teams to fly together to dance in the blue sky. On April 27, 2013, the Breitling Jet Team continued northward, presenting several amazing and eye-catching aerobatic flight performances to South Korean and Japanese audiences, and historically flying over the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge and Mount Fuji in Japan for the Breitling Sky Legend adds gorgeous footnotes. The magnificent ‘Asian Tour’ has a total mileage of more than 15,000 kilometers and a flight time of more than 40 hours.

Breitling Jet Formation Flies Over Borobudur, Indonesia

Breitling Jets fly over Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Breitling Jet Formation Flies Over Mt. Fuji, Japan
Peak Flying: ‘Breitling Dragon China’ Ends Perfectly
After the ‘Asian Tour’, on August 10, 2013, the Breitling Jet Team set off again, taking off from Kobe, Japan, stopping in Cheongju, South Korea, entering Tianjin from China, passing Yinchuan, Jiayuguan, and Turpan, and finally on August 14. Arrived in Karamay, Xinjiang. During the transition, the Breitling Jet Team successively flew over the ‘Best Pass in the World’ Jiayuguan Pass and the Cantilever Great Wall, Karamay Devil City, Xinjiang, and Baili Oilfield, creating legendary moments of Breitling, and controlling Breitling’s cool wind. Yingzi is branded on the blue sky of China.
From August 16th to 18th, 2013, the Breitling Jet Team made a shocking appearance at the 2013 Xinjiang Karamay Aviation Festival. After the debut of the 2012 China Air Show, it once again winged China’s blue sky and presented the perfect ending performance of ‘Breitling Dragon China’. In three days, the Chinese audience was presented with an excellent aerobatic flight show, and provided Breitling watch owners with the exclusive privilege of experiencing jet aerobatics. Seven powerful “flying” ordinary and powerful L-39C jet fighters on the top of the western sky in China, perform “gravity” all kinds of aerobatic challenges challenging at a speed of up to 750 kilometers per hour and less than 3 meters. Action, between the vast Gobi and the magnificent sky, release the extreme flight passion of Breitling.
‘China, this ancient oriental mysterious country, brings us a lot of challenges, shocks and surprises. When we successfully flew over Jiayuguan, overlooking the majestic Great Wall with a history of nearly a thousand years, we have infinite awe.’ Captain Jacques Portlin said with emotion, ‘Although the’ Bai Ning Ling Long Teng Zhonghua ‘has come to an end, we still hope to have the opportunity to come to China again, challenge more peaks to fly, and present more exciting performances for Chinese friends.’

Breitling Jets fly over the Jiayuguan Cantilever Great Wall
Dragon Dragon China: Breitling Elite Pilots Airborne Beijing and Shanghai Detonated Breitling Frenzy
As the ambassador of Breitling Aviation, the elite pilots of the Breitling Jet Team also attended several Breitling China market events during the ‘Dragon China’ event, witnessing the historical moments of Breitling in China.
From June 7th to 8th, 2013, the elite pilots of Breitling Jet Team and the same scale cool fighter model arrived in Shanghai to celebrate the grand opening of Breitling’s first flagship store in Shanghai, and to participate in the Breitling Flying Carnival Party and the private enjoyment of Breitling Jet Team At the meeting, the unbelievable Breitling frenzy set off in Charm Shencheng. On August 24, 2013, all pilots of the Breitling Jet Team airborne to the Breitling flagship store in Beijing Fangcao Grassland, helping to launch the grand launch of the new Breitling Avenger Watch (Avenger), showing the power of action with resolute passion.

Breitling Jet Team Elite Pilots Celebrate Grand Opening of Breitling Shanghai Flagship Store

Seven Breitling Jets pilots showcase new Breitling Avengers
As an expert in precision chronograph watches and a close partner of the world’s aviation industry, Breitling has been committed to creating sophisticated and complex aviation timepieces since its birth in 1884. Each “professional wristwatch” has witnessed humanity conquering the sky Every milestone. At the same time, the blood relationship with the aviation industry has prompted it to actively participate in many aviation events around the world, to support the elite who have a dream of flying, and His Majesty has many well-known professional flight teams. A Swiss watch with superb performance equivalent to the high standards of the aviation industry, inherits the nearly 130-year history of Breitling and the unremitting exploration and pursuit of five generations of independent watchmakers. Breitling’s unique flying culture and timepiece spirit are shared with consumers worldwide.

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