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Introduction To Chopard L.U.C Louis-ulysse-the Tribute

The combination of orbital scales and Roman numerals applied to the dial and small seconds dial seems to be innately complementary. Model 16 1 9 2 3 -10 01, L.U.CEHG (developed by the Geneva Watchmaking School) manual winding mechanical movement, certified by the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC), and has the ‘Geneve Mark’ (P oinonde G en & egrave ve) quality emblem, white lacquered ceramic dial, black Dauphinefus & eacute; e-hour and minute hands, hand-stitched matte black alligator leather strap, 18K white gold pin buckle, and a bracelet for easy wearing as a pocket watch. Limited edition of 150
看 Looking past through a watch is like seeing the face of a lover through the face of a baby. The appearance of these watches has a unique aesthetic orientation and design style of the past era. Through the face of a watch, you can go back fifty years, or even a hundred years ago.
The existence of vintage watches rests on people’s deep feelings. Watches of that era were so low-key, you wouldn’t see bright colors. Red, orange, blue dial? no way. Black and white gray is used so elegantly, the most is the ivory white dial, the faint silver gray, the calm black, the really beautiful face without heavy makeup and bright is also beautiful. Retro watches with black-and-white ash dials create the natural beauty of empty valley orchids and river daffodils. The case is also metallic, and the gloss of the metal itself is already the best decoration, gold, white gold, platinum, rose gold. Coupled with a black or brown leather strap with classic feelings, retro watches will not have a peculiar shell design, everything is ordinary, but this ordinary itself is extraordinary. The most classic round case is as old as a star in the sky. The occasional square and rectangular case is also a classic left over from the past, in line with the golden ratio. The elegant tonneau-shaped case, the retro watch with simple small three-pin and large three-pin, there are no overly complicated functions, nor too gorgeous carving decoration, but the ordinary design can make people enjoy for a long time. Because there is less and more spirit and temperament, people in the past can calm down and make every detail perfect.
复古 Retro watches in the details always make people at first sight. The hands of a watch are like the eyes of a watch. There are more than one or twenty kinds of pointer designs. In fact, there is no need for new hands to change the beautiful hands, as long as one style is the ultimate. The needles of the prince, the princess of the concubine, and the needles of the willow leaf are all extraordinary pointers, but the lines have a charm that was unique only in the past, and they are absolutely ridiculous. Like the Mona Lisa smile, the delicate lines and angles are fascinating. Roman scale, onion crown, slender lugs, every detail is meticulously crafted, people can be as intoxicated as admiring Da & middot; Vinci’s masterpieces.
经典 10 classic elements of vintage watches
1. Blue steel treasure needle
The Breguet-style hands designed by watchmaker Breguet are the most classic elements in the field of horology. Even if a watch is full of modern style, matching Breguet needles will add elegance. Although this design and its variants have appeared in countless watch brands. However, the blue steel Breguet hands widely used in Breguet watches are the highest level of Breguet needles currently recognized in the world.
2. Cask-shaped case
Because the eras represented by vintage models are different, their shell shapes often change because of different aesthetic tastes. However, the barrel-shaped case is undoubtedly of the era significance. Compared to the most common round case in vintage watches, the barrel shape has a change of elegance, and this art deco style is actually the most typical feature of clock design in the last century.
3. Orbital scale
The orbital scale shows the minimalist style advocated by the designers of timepieces, and the most essential meaning of timepieces as a time carrier: under the rules and pure curves, time is so rigorous, meticulous and intolerant. In addition, all changes in form seem to be just footnotes outside of time.
4. Alligator leather strap
Compared with rubber or metal straps, alligator materials such as crocodile leather are indispensable in the manufacture of clocks in the early days of the cold industry. They seem to reflect the originality and simplicity of the watch itself. Compared with other leathers, crocodile leather has a unique temperament. Especially the hand-stitched stitches and fine lines and textures always remind people of the time and respect of watchmakers in the era of pure handmade.
5.Rose gold material
Compared with gold and platinum, rose gold is less brilliant and understated, but it has a faded light and shadow, but it has an innate and timeless emotional mood. The inexplicable nostalgia of the rose gold case actually coincides with the artistic expression and time concept explained by the retro models.
6.Screw crown
The most unpretentious texture and shape is the most practical and classic design. The strong versatility makes the spiral crown the first choice for simple and low-key models since the advent of clocks. In addition to functionality and expressiveness, it also represents a kind of dedication and persistence to traditional watchmaking techniques.
7. Newsuo dial
I have been troubled by both the porcelain dial and the Newsuo dial, which have the characteristics of a retro watch, both of which are signs of the gradual transformation of the watch to the artistic and aesthetic taste after leaving the category of pure time carrier . But in the end, the reason why I chose the Newsot dial is not only because it represents a rigorous and meticulous decoration, but also its countless details and variability as a traditional decorative design. Its popularity is also rare Can not be compared. At this time, the dial of the Newsaw pattern is still gaining the favor of watch connoisseurs with the fine texture of its hand-controlled machine carving.
8. Pear-shaped hands
Although the church needle and the snake eye needle are also classic design elements derived from traditional clocks and watches, as far as the shape itself is concerned, they seem to be slightly different from the classic beauty of the pear-shaped hands. The antique building-like shape makes the pear-shaped pointer look so noble and arrogant, and its design itself seems to have a noble blood of its own.
9. Breguet time scale
As the most typical design element in the Art Deco period, the Breguet was once the most graceful and elegant design detail in the field of clocks and watches. It has made the time-honored timelines interesting and the watch itself is full of pleasing visuals because of its existence guide. As an important visual feature that changes the external appearance of the watch, the Breguet time scale is also one of the most commonly used design elements in vintage watches.
10. Small three stitches
Although there are still many small three-hand designs in modern timepieces, this form itself is a historical testimony of the continuous development and evolution of clocks. The first timepieces could not achieve the integrated structure of the central seconds hand, so only the second hand Offset to another position. As a design limitation conferred by an era, the small three-pin structure has long lost its technical value, but its historical significance has given it a unique and classicist temperament.

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