2015 Spring And Summer Denim Trend, Tissot ‘watch’ Is Simple And Stylish Charm

The term tannin first appeared in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. It means denim fabric made of vegetable dyes and twill weave. After centuries of baptism, through different washing techniques and continuous dyeing processes, various shades of color, texture changes, or tailoring innovations have been made to make Denning appear in a different style.
TISSOT Quickster Lugano

   In the spring and summer of 2015, I have escaped from the past. This year, I use solid tannins as a way to make people immersed in the pure blue ocean. Then, through the combination of different tailoring and creative materials, this casual and simple fashion style hit the tornado in this spring and summer. . As a century-old professional watchmaking brand in Switzerland, Tissot watches inherits the professional watchmaking technology of the past, and it is not easy to compromise for fashion. In 2015, Tissot watches adhered to the brand concept of innovation and tradition, bringing a very stylish and simple watch- TISSOT Quickster Lugano series watches, with a variety of straps in line with this spring and summer solid color series, so that there are more changes in spring and summer wear.
   Whether it is a wide-length cropped denim pants, a feminine denim skirt and a jumpsuit, or a distressed and marine-inspired denim item, and a bohemian denim combination of different materials All items can be matched with the various colors of the TISSOT Quickster Lugano series. They can be combined with a stylish and simple style, which can show unique personal charm. The watch can be easily combined and worn, and the colorful colors can strike the self-summer charm. .

Want to show simple fashion
   The Tissot watch specially brought the TISSOT Quickster Lugano series of watches to the spring and summer of 2015 to add playful color, choose to make a fuss about the color of the watch, through navy blue, gentleman gray, olive green, passionate pink and classic roses A variety of solid color and stripe design straps, such as gold, are very suitable for this year’s different denim cuts. Classic rose gold is one of the highlights that can be worn on all occasions.
   Tissot watches adhere to the brand spirit of ‘extraordinary creativity due to tradition’. The TISSOT Quickster Lugano series watches inherit the simple and bright dials that watch fans love. The detailed design follows the classic elements, and the bold hour mark 12 is even more eye-catching. It reminds the importance of time all the time. The design of the aluminum outer ring is neat, suitable for young people who follow the fashion trend to perform themselves. The black-and-white dial design in neutral style, with the minimal scale and hour markers, fully demonstrates the perfect simple design, and integrates fashion trends and functionality. , TISSOT Quickster Lugano series of watches has become the spring and summer of 2015 wild models of choice.