Month: May 2014

Casio Sheen Creates A Temperament Watch For Newcomers In The Workplace

(Shanghai, China, October 2012) Stepped into society, transformed gorgeously, and matured. The moment when newcomers in the workplace march towards the talented and intelligent in the workplace, it is also announced. For elegant transformation, a few extra sets of temperament equipment are essential in the closet. At this moment, I want to make people’s eyes shine, so that everyone’s eyes can be locked and become the focus; a temperament watch has become the key. Casio Watch’s Guilun Magnesium endorsement brand-SHEEN launched the latest watch in October, allowing you to raise your hands and improve. Temperament energy instantly becomes a ‘star’ person in the workplace.
The perfect choice for newcomers in the workplace-SHE-4505 series
SHE-4505D-7A Price: ¥ 1890SHE-4505SG-7A Price: ¥ 1990
    The bezel is adorned with six sparkling Swarovski rhinestones, adding wisdom, playful yet elegant, the silver-white dial is delicate and gentle, quiet and peaceful. The unique ceramic bezel, beautiful and beautiful, not only has the fresh temperament of the newcomers in the workplace, but also has the lively and lovely of the school days. Sapphire glass mirror with eleven-pointed star shape, delicate details, flickering light, refracting unique and beautiful light.
With 50M waterproof function. A practical and aesthetically pleasing watch, the perfect choice for newcomers to the workplace.
Smart Choice for Newcomers in the Workplace-SHE-5517 Series
SHE-5517D-7A Price: ¥ 2490SHE-5517SG-7A Price: ¥ 2590
     The ceramic bezel is pure and flawless, transparent and agile. 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock, and 12 o’clock scales are decorated with Swarovski rhinestones. The gorgeous details are not exaggerated. Star scales on both sides of the 8 o’clock position indicate delicate and special. With the diamond-shaped dark grid design in the center of the text board, elegant yet innocent. Sapphire glass mirror, refracts texture light in sunlight. Also has 50M waterproof function. Pretty and practical, a heartbeat for newcomers to the workplace.

Omega’s New Disc-famous Classics Ladies’ Watch, Dazzling Diamond Sparkles Fashion Style

Nowadays, the watch is no longer just a time reading tool, it is also an indispensable fashion accessory. Therefore, when people choose a watch, style becomes an important consideration.

Omega Flying Classic Series Ladies Watch-Stainless Steel Case with Blue Leather Strap

Omega Sabre Classic Women’s Watch-Sedna® 18K Gold Case with Grey Leather Strap

   For many modern women, the timepiece worn on the wrist can show their unique charm and personal style. Whether it is daily life or attending a dinner event, a watch can always be the finishing touch of their look.

   In 2018, OMEGA launched a new disco-famous ladies’ watch, which uses a variety of materials and rich colors to fully reflect the modern women’s fashion style.

   The new disco-famous classic ladies’ watches incorporate many modern and fashionable aesthetic elements in the classic design. The case is slim and chic, and is available in 39mm and 36mm, with sparkling diamonds set on both sides, showing charming curves, showing the feminine beauty.

   The flower pattern on the crown is composed of 5 Omega brand logos overlapping, made of red liquid ceramic, and the flower core is set with a bright diamond, exquisite and unique.

   The classic Roman hour markers are printed on the lacquered dial, which makes this timepiece more elegant and noble. The watch’s mirror case is decorated with ‘Her Time’ floral pattern, which can be described as originality. The watch is equipped with the Omega 4061 movement, which provides accurate timekeeping for the watch.

   Therefore, the new disco-famous classic ladies’ watch is not only a practical fashion item, but also conveys the concept of self-confidence to modern women, hoping that they can learn more about themselves and find their inherent charm.

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