Month: March 2013

Tissot Launches New Series Of Xinyuan Watches

As a Swiss watch brand Tissot who is ‘proficient in making watches with superb innovation and technology, and good at designing watches with exquisite and moving design,’ at the beginning of 2011, ‘Yan’, using a unique style of boutique watches to dedicate everyone to the ‘Spring Festival Praise’ as warm as Chunhui; with the sincerity of 158 years of watchmaking history to pass you the most beautiful blessings in 2011.

Tissot Xinyuan New Year Special
Feelings of warmth and warmth
The ‘Xinyuan’ series first entered the WTO in mid-2010. With its soft and elegant curves and simple and elegant design, it has become the first choice of fashionable women’s accessories for formal or everyday casual occasions. There is another layer of ‘wishfulness’ with ‘wishfulness’ and ‘heart condition’, which means ‘wish fulfillment, heart desire to be fulfilled’ and ‘fate association’. This is a feminine watch with sincerity and affection.The prayers and feelings expressed by it are direct and enthusiastic because of its naming and simple but elegant design. The lover confessed straightforwardly, but with a little clever courage; also like an elegant woman, walking on a long path covered with sunshine and the envious eyes of passersby, but staring at her without fear. His eyes returned with a light look and a calm and elegant smile.
The ‘Xinyuan’ series is such a boutique watch series that hopes to tell women’s confidence and elegance. It uses the most unique watch design language to tell women’s most beautiful smiles, and sings gifts with the most sincere prayer morals. The most beautiful praise for women. If you see a lady wearing ‘Xuanyuan’ on her wrist, I believe you will not stare at your eyes and smile, because you will get a more beautiful smile and look back from her.

Tissot Xinyuan New Year Special
‘Xin Yuan’ is not the most luxurious and noble, but the most sincere and sincere. It will marry the most simple and simple but the most dazzling beauty of women in the wrist of watch wearers.
The red ‘Xuanyuan’ sublimates into an active and charming beauty. In addition to still maintaining the design characteristics of the ‘Xuanyuan’ series, the true feelings of the ‘Xuanyuan’ series are highlighted as warmth and warmth in the new year. In the middle of the year, we brought warmth to everyone, and together with watch wearers, became the most beautiful scenery in the new spring scene dotted with business.
Design Ingenuity Love Praise
The taupe ‘heart yuan’ condenses the wonderful ingenuity of Tissot when it launched the ‘Celebration and Praise’ watch. The unique dial cut-out design of the ‘Xinyuan’ series boldly reveals the shiny and crystal-clear movement. Although it means ‘happy’, it also reflects a clear bottom of calm and confidence. The sharp movement of the dial hands and the fine and delicate movement of the movement of the watch core contrast with each other, as if a woman who is able to look decisively but slender and sensitive inside, when you accept its instructions for time, you can also find that it is hidden behind you Cute and playful.
The red ‘Heart Yuan’ is adorned with 5 flaming round Arabic numerals on the dial of the mother-of-pearl. The hollow design specially reserved at the 12 o’clock position is surrounded by the red outline, which visually breaks the rigid design and uses it. The agile movement of the movement adds a bit of beauty to the scale designation of the watch. The red contour line and the clear watch movement resemble a delicate and smart paper-cut, like a poem, which makes people feel the time walking in the wrist when they look up. This warm red with bright gold ‘paper-cuts’, people can not help but think of that Chunhui reflected in the house through the edge of the window cut paper flowers, and that strand of Chunhui seems to be able to reflect in the heart with time.
The 6 top Wesselton diamonds inlaid or alternately set between the 阿拉伯 and the Arabic alphabet, and the mother-of-pearl dial exuding a rich color under the light, expressing the femininity of femininity and brilliance. This full-circle dial with flashes of luster and luster is like receiving the blessing and baptism of the goddess of the moonlight. It is like the charm color of moonlight silver and dream purple in the fifteenth full moon. ?
This springtime praise, celebrated with the love of the ‘watch language’, became a ‘new wish’ of Tissot’s ‘Xinyuan’ in the beginning of 2011, that is, in this most beautiful spring, let it be distributed Show off your beauty and splendor! You will fall in love with the most unique charm in the world.
Technical Parameters
-ETA 2824-2 mechanical automatic movement
-Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
-316L stainless steel case
-Dial with 6 top Wesselton diamonds, clarity VS / SI
-Water resistant to 30 meters / 3 atmospheres
-Leather strap with folding clasp
Suggested retail price: RMB 5,100-5,750

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