Month: February 2013

Boer Watch Shanghai Flagship Store Long Relaunch

In 1891, Mr. Webb. C Ball, the founder of BALL Watch, became a world-renowned precision standard pronoun for setting the railway time system. For more than a century, Boer Watches has been focusing on creating excellent watches that are ‘accurate in harsh environments.’ This year, the brand relied on the new concept of ‘To Be Yourself’ and settled in Shanghai to open Boer watches. Table flagship store.
   The new Boole Watch flagship store is located at 1065 West Nanjing Road, Shanghai. Entering the Boole store feels like an adventure. The brand’s theme color is green, lined with white and teak materials, creating a natural layout. . At the same time, a corner of the shop displays members of the Bollist Explorers Club and American astronaut Brian. The Scaled Composites team uniform worn by Brian Binnie was accompanied by a series of historical posters and old photos on the wall, and a series of Boer’s railway antique timepieces, like a small exhibition hall for customers to witness together Brand growth.
   Through the historical journey of Bol watches, customers can appreciate a variety of Bol watches and Bol BMW watches, among which there are special models and limited editions of boutiques, which will surely make a lot of fans of Bol watches find their hearts. .
   In order to celebrate the reopening of the flagship store of Boer Watch Shanghai, from February 14th to February 28th, customers will be able to join the friends of Boer in person at the flagship store with the new Boer Watch official Weibo information. In addition to the latest information and exclusive offers from Pol Watch, you can also receive a gift on the spot, first come first served.
Store address: Bohr Watch flagship store, 1065 West Nanjing Road, Shanghai
Store inquiry: 021-62173201

Regarding the benefits of Bol Watch, please pay attention to the official Weibo:

Athens Watch Announces 5-year Warranty Period

Ulysse Nardin Swiss Athens watch continues to push the fine watchmaking process to the extreme. Starting from January 2017, Athens Watch will provide a five-year warranty for mechanical watches.

   Swiss watchmaker Athens Watch delves into precision mechanical watchmaking and pays tribute to its 170-year innovation. In order to continue the brand innovation, Athens Watch has made unprecedented achievements in the field of fine watchmaking, extending the warranty period of all newly purchased watches to 5 years.
   From January 1, 2017, whether it is an addictive diving chronograph watch or a classic gilt female watch, every complex mechanical watch made by Athens watch will get the quality of Athens watch for 5 years Guarantee.
   The Athens Watch is also a pioneer in the use of silicon movement parts. Silicon parts have improved the accuracy and durability of the watch. In order to express confidence in silicon materials, the Athens Watch has extended the warranty period of silicon parts to 10 years.
   Buyers only need to register their watch on the official website of Athens Watch within one year of purchasing the Athens Watch, and they will get a 5-year warranty.

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