Month: December 2012

Hyt And Alinghi Launch Third Watch ‘h1 Alinghi’

HYT H1 Alinghi is the third watch of the brand to cooperate with the sailing fleet. It is the most technologically advanced and avant-garde watch among the three. The limited edition of 20 watches highlights a new level of understated, efficient and high performance. ‘This watch is the most technologically advanced watch we have worked with Alinghi.’ For HYT Chief Executive Grégory Dourde, the three-year commemorative watch of the sailing fleet should not be overlooked. The look of the watch is different. The H1 Alinghi watch returns to the origin of sailing: the watch inherits the H4 (2015) and H2 (2016) watch design, borrowing more sailing elements, and is by far the most technologically advanced watch.

H1 Alinghi watch avant-garde style, design without compromise

Be immersive and experience the sailing style
Another feature of the watch is its long-term absorption of Alinghi’s iconic design. Grégory Dourde explains, ‘We visited the shipyard where the fleet makes multihulls. We observed how the sailboats were built, unfinished and assembled components, component functions, component positioning, etc. At the same time, we incorporated many of these elements into the wrist Watch. ‘Without a doubt, the most striking feature is the rigging that crosses the lower half of the dial. Its custom design, through the four eyelets on the flange, and then fixed to the three central eyelets; precision performance, no chance, shows the focus of sailing and watchmaking.

‘In the past three years, we have been very fortunate to work with bold and avant-garde watch partners who can integrate fluid technology into the way of time display. In terms of common values, we are very similar! On the H1 Alinghi watch, HYT will winch, windsurfer The important sailing equipment such as rigging and the dial are integrated into the dial, and once again show the avant-garde personality. It is undoubtedly designed to pay tribute to the field of sailing. I like this concept, unique! ‘Nils Frei, main sail trimmer, showed great interest.

Low-key and efficient
The H1 Alinghi wrist symbolizes a low-key style. The purpose is to focus on technology while paying attention to aesthetic design. On the back, the H1 Alinghi watch structure echoes the sailing deck. The grey sandblasted look is the perfect backdrop for all the high-tech looks of the watch. The dial resembles the Alinghi catamaran on a full voyage, applying a series of techniques to read time through the liquid in the capillary to achieve its signature fluid time. At the same time, a low-key and pure dark black was selected. HYT sets it on a channel with Super-LumiNova’s luminous paint added to make it easy to read the time in the dark. At night, the transparent part of the capillary is reflective to read opaque display times.
HYT H1 Alinghi watch titanium and forged carbon fiber case, brushed, micro-blasted and frosted, diameter 48.8 mm, black retrograde fluid display hours; minutes, seconds, special HYT hand-finished movement, irregular structure Liquid display hours, black hour dial, white hour markers and numbers, the hours are infused with Super-LumiNova® luminous paint, HYT’s exclusive patented micro-fluidic module: two multilayer metal bellows, medical-grade glass capillaries, and nano-coating on the inner wall , Two immiscible liquids; one is transparent, the other is colored with highly resistant dye, dark gray reinforced fabric strap, made of fire-resistant and anti-allergic fiber, black stitching Titanium folding buckle, limited to 20 pieces, the suggested price is 497,000 RMB.

Carbon fiber advantages
In terms of materials, HYT and Alinghi both favor lightweight rigid materials. The watch comes with offset lugs and crown protection made of folded and forged carbon fiber. These components are designed and manufactured outside the watch and then assembled into a titanium body case. Finally, the dial is equipped with various elements specially designed for H1 Alinghi and its sailing field: the small seconds at 9 o’clock is designed in the shape of a mainsail sail, the power reserve at 3 o’clock is like a winch, and the jumper at 6 o’clock With the Alinghi logo, the power reserve and minute hand follow the fleet’s iconic red design.
The small seconds at 9 o’clock of the H1 Alinghi watch is designed in the shape of a mainsail windsurfer. The power reserve at 3 o’clock looks like a winch. design.
HYT CEO Gregory Dodd concluded: ‘The H1 Alinghi watch is avant-garde, uncompromising in design, and technologically advanced. The watch is built according to the Alinghi design sailing boat, fully controlling power and performance.’

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