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Beauty’s Superb Craftsmanship Creates Outstanding Timepieces Queen Of Naples Couture Zodiac Sheep Watch

Sheep has a moral meaning of well-being in Chinese traditional culture. Xu Sheng, the ‘character of the word,’ in Shuo Wen said: ‘Sheep, Xiangye.’ Auspicious meaning; and in the Western Bible, ‘Sheep’ often appears in a noble and great image, which is a symbol of tolerance, kindness, courtesy, and selfless dedication. The Breguet Queen of Naples series Haute Couture Zodiac sheep watch, equipped with Breguet movement specially designed for this series, displays the classic goose-shaped dial in square inches. This superb timepiece uses superb shell relief technology, a three-dimensional presentation of a goat that is about to leap forward, presenting auspicious meaning to the upcoming 2015 zodiac year of the sheep.

Queen of Naples with first watch

   In 1810, at the invitation of Caroline Murat, Napoleon’s younger sister Naples, Master Breguet took two years to create a timepiece that can be worn on the wrist. This first watch in the history of watchmaking has also become the source of inspiration for Breguet’s modern watchmakers. In 2002, the Breguet ‘Queen of Naples’ watch was launched. The unique shape of the goose-shaped case perfectly blends the style of the 18th century with the fashionable avant-garde style. The Breguet Queen of Naples series high-end jewelry watch touches the most mysterious emotions of modern women and awakens their desire to sleep.

   Elegant and feminine design combined with traditional hand-crafted shell reliefs, adds a romantic and classic feeling to the Breguet Naples series of high-end custom zodiac sheep watches. It shows the exquisite shell relief craftsmanship: curly wool appears to move with the wind The goats that are leaping up are like being born out of nowhere, ready to come out. The eccentric hour and minute display dial, if there is nothing, presents the three-dimensional relief effect in front of the world in the most exquisite and elegant way, quietly telling the passage of time. The 18K white gold diamond case and sapphire crystal mirror provide the best protection for delicate relief work. The design of the transparent bottom cover also reveals the golden oscillating weight hand-engraved and set with natural mother-of-pearl. This watch is like a masterpiece of timepiece born in a shell, which once again reflects the perfect fusion of Breguet’s extraordinary watchmaking skills and traditional handicrafts.

Watch description

18K White Gold Watch
Bezel set with 40 diamonds, weighing approximately 2.42 carats
Self-winding movement
Shell dial made of shell relief
Sapphire crystal case back
Water-resistant to 3 Pa (30 meters)
Dimensions: 40 x 31.9 5 mm

Shell embossed craftsmanship

   The dial of the Naples Zodiac Year watch uses a long shell relief process, which is an ancient handicraft originating from Torre del Greco (Greek Tower), a small town located in the Naples region of Italy. The use of high-relief techniques on sculptural materials to highlight the layered sense of contrasting colors is one of the most amazing crafts in the world. Breguet watchmaking company respects this skill, each shell relief dial is a real shell micro-carved artwork. This extremely delicate engraving technique is made by a technician using a simple steel needle to scribe on different levels of the shell, and the depth of the engraving is less than two millimeters. All of this can only be carved by hand in accordance with traditional methods. If machinery is used, the shell will be damaged, and the cellular tissue of the shell can be clearly seen only under a microscope.

   In order to achieve the desired effect, the technician needs to carefully screen and inspect the color, layering, perspective, layer, and overall transparency of the shell. Shells are a kind of living carrier. You must use delicate methods to create beautiful works. Breguet asked the sculptor from Italy to choose natural seashells. After being polished to remove the rough and hard surface, it was cut according to the design requirements to form Breguet’s unique shell pieces, and then carved by hand by experienced carving craftsmen. Quite complicated, once there is no chance of correction. Therefore, each Breguet shell embossed dial is an excellent timepiece created with superb craftsmanship.

The Legendary History Of Extraordinary Models Parmigiani Bugatti Aerolithe Watch

Not long after Ettore Bugatti first launched at the Paris Motor Show in 1935, this model disappeared from people’s vision, leaving only a few photos, sketches and people Memory of its mysterious pale green. But people did not forget the material used in this model-a magnesium alloy called ELEKTRON. This special material caused a huge sensation that year, and even this avant-garde model was sometimes nicknamed ELEKTRON. The body of the Bugatti Aérolithe is extremely light, yet very strong and does not cause dents, but it also easily catches fire and is highly volatile. Therefore, the assembly of automobiles has become a very delicate process. In the welding of components, it is necessary to find an operation method that replaces the traditional process. An ingenious solution designed by Ettori’s son, Jean Bugatti, had a huge impact on the formation of the car’s ‘futuristic’ artistic appearance; in this solution, the body was designed as two The longitudinal part, the two parts are riveted together by a ‘ridge seam’ structure, and this ‘ridge seam’ extends from the front to the rear of the car.

   It can be said that the instability of the magnesium alloy-as an obstacle and a challenge, gave birth to the revolutionary design of the Bugatti Aérolithe model, and finally created a ‘futuristic’ artistic style of curved lines and a harmonious bumpiness, which became ‘streamline ‘A masterpiece of design. Today, its noble elegance is still breathtaking.
  Although this first and only prototype has disappeared mysteriously, its inspiring creative inspiration has not disappeared. The successor model, Bugatti Atlantic, follows the prototype’s magnesium alloy body and ‘ridge seam’ structure, faithfully reproducing the genius idea of ​​the Molsheim family.
  Parmigiani decided to create a Bugatti Aérolithe watch based on this long-lost mysterious image as a tribute to the pioneering work of this extraordinary series of models.
Case: Reshape the ‘ridge seam’ structure

  All the watch craftsmanship of the Bugatti collection embodies the most amazing and unique characteristics of the car-whether it is form, function or technical means-and transplants this feature to the watch, especially the middle case.
  The distinctive feature of the Aérolithe model is the riveted structure that runs through the front and rear. This structure makes the body as a whole, while solving the problem that magnesium cannot be welded, and giving the car a futuristic ‘futuristic’ appearance. Therefore, this feature is reproduced in the four lugs of the middle case and the two chronograph function buttons including the edge shape. The contour line of the watch adheres to the brand’s usual style and has not changed, but the surface design of the lugs and buttons is enough to remind the ‘riveted structure’ of the Aérolithe model. The geometric shapes of these structures are complex, and they need extremely exquisite craftsmanship to create edge structures with strong identification, precise modeling, and no distortion. The lighting effect must be perfect. The grooming work can not be taken lightly, and the complicated structure also happens to leave a little space for polishing the two cut faces of the lugs and the buttons. After a series of professional-level craftsmanship, the craftsmen were able to finish by hand using grooming tools, a meticulous craft that cannot be replaced by any machine.
Two-color dial selection: dark blue and mint green

   Bugatti Aérolithe has two dials to choose from, one is the charming “dark blue” and the other is the mysterious “mint green”. Both dials are crafted by Parmigiani’s dedicated watchmaker, the Quadrance et Habillage dial manufacturer.
   When the dial is immersed in the electroplating bath, the electrolytic reaction in it will promote the most popular dark blue, namely dark blue. The plating cell changes after each electrolytic reaction, and only the exact plating reaction can ensure that the tone of each dial is consistent. This precise and repetitive operation requires not only a comprehensive theoretical essence, but also professional vision and keen intuition that have been gained through many years of operating experience.
  Mint green and its subtle reflection effect come from the superposition of tones. The metallic silver lacquer base with shining metal texture is processed by electroplating rhodium plating, and the top layer is covered with elegant green varnish. This superposition of color and double-layer plating creates an extraordinary surface reflection effect. The pale green and metallic colors complement each other, creating a mysterious and unique “mint color”.
   The perfect color requires a long test process. A reference dial is used as the color measurement standard to ensure that mint green is the same as the original design. This is also the mystery of the dial color produced by Quadrance et Habillage.
   The brightly colored dial with bright red hands echoes the red and black Bugatti logo at 6 o’clock. This very symbolic color contrast is also reflected in the strap of Hermès embossed blue or yellow calf leather and bright red polished edges. In order for the Bugatti sports car’s genes to be fully displayed on the wearer’s wrist, the Bugatti Aérolithe buckle has also been completely redesigned to reproduce the shape of the car grille.
Flyback chronograph
   ‘Flyback’ is a complex and unique feature from aeronautics that allows the wearer to pause, reset and restart the chronograph with a single touch. Initially, pilots used this function to accurately calculate the flight time for a specific voyage without worrying about the loss of even one second due to the operation of the watch. Press three down to finish).
   Like the Bugatti sports car, the Bugatti Aérolithe watch is equipped with a flyback module, 180-degree offset for easier operation. The timing buttons at 8 and 10 o’clock instead of the traditional 2 and 4 o’clock positions make it easy to operate with your thumb instead of your index finger. The case of the Bugatti Aérolithe is thinner than the case of other chronographs of the brand. The contour line has been redesigned to become slimmer and more elegant, echoing the charming curve of the legendary sports car.
   The Bugatti Aérolithe watch refines the essence of the car while retaining the essence of the Parmigiani watch; it not only shows the feat of craftsmanship, but also creates a spectacle of aesthetic creativity. This watch has the same contour characteristics as the other models in the entire series, and its modified parts fully meet the brand’s almost demanding standards.
   The Bugatti Aérolithe model fully demonstrates the potential of an independent watch factory. As a completely independent watchmaking center focusing on vertical production, Parmigiani’s legend stems from the long-standing good dialogue mechanism and the two-way mutual assistance and inspirational tradition between the factories of the center.
Six diamond cut double leather strap
   Parmigiani’s new strap with Bugatti Aérolithe adds a new twist to the current embossed calfskin strap, highlighting the masculine elegance of this watch.
   This new strap accentuates its unique hue with double-layer leather. The upper layer of leather is appropriately exposed with a characteristic cutout six diamond pattern to reveal the second layer of leather. Each of the six diamond-shaped holes is cut with a water jet process. This cutting-edge technology protects the leather while ensuring accurate cutting, and avoids leather damage caused by laser cutting. The two layers of leather are hand-stitched with saddle-shaped needle corners, and the complex embossment adds an elegant charm to the entire watch.
   This unique multi-layer leather strap retains unparalleled ergonomic comfort and flexibility. It is invaluable. Its creative talent and outstanding craftsmanship are at their peak.
   The light effects of the six diamond straps complement the watch dial. The first Bugatti Aérolithe watch and its ‘dark blue’ dial with a tonal dark blue / blue-black strap. Carefully matched leather and dial with similar colors echo each other, subtly creating the same color shade contrast effect.
   The second model is equally impressive, with ‘Mint Green’ showing a unique look in the watchmaking world. The dial is slightly silvery, with a gray / green strap superimposed on a camel / cream base. This leather combination not only reflects the metallic and futuristic style of ‘mint green’, but also has a warm and harmonious tone.
   Bugatti Aérolithe’s new strap adds sporty elegance to your wrist. They are the crystallization of the relentless pursuit of beauty and perfection. The quality of every Parmigiani watch, even the subtle details, originates here.
About Parmigiani
   Parmigiani, a world-renowned Swiss fine watchmaking brand, was founded in 1996 in the heart of Waldtravel, Switzerland. The soul of the brand lies in its expertise in antique watch / mechanical restoration and its completely independent manufacturing capabilities. The brand focuses on independent production capacity and pursues the superbness, creativity and quality of watchmaking. Today, Parmigiani has grown into one of the very few top Swiss watch brands that are completely independently manufactured today.

Richard Mille Little Green Man Shows Power And Regains Grand Slam

RICHARD MILLE celebrity partner former golf masters champion Bubba Watson, this year’s golf masters shines, the schedule is tight, has always maintained the top spot, and finally gloriously put on the green jacket again.

Bubba Watson consistently holds the top spot in the Masters

Bubba Watson trailed Birhas by one shot in the first round. The second round was impressive. After par 3 on the 12th hole, he kicked off to 3 feet and nudged the ball into the hole. Started the journey of 5 birdies in a row, and finally helped him hit 68 shots, 4 shots below par. Bubba Watson ended the third round with a 74 (+2) on the weekend. The top nine players had a gap of only three shots, and led the young American rookie Jordan Spieth before entering the final round.

Bubba Watson, who finally won the championship with a green jacket

Jordan Spears, who is expected to become the youngest champion in the history of the US Masters, was in a good shape in the early part of the fourth round, but the experienced Watson was not affected at all. He scored a 10-foot birdie on the 18th hole. Finally, he finished the final round with a score of 69 below 3 and a total score of 280 below 8 and won the second big man. Champion of the tournament. ‘I’ve never loved green so much.’ This was the second time Bubba Watson put on a green jacket in three years.

RM 38-01 Bubba Watson Tourbillon Watch Helping Bubba Watson Win the Masters

RICHARD MILLE is proud to have joined Bubba Watson as a brand partner since 2010. With hard work and determination, he has become one of the most efficient players in the history of the US Masters. Bubba Watson’s golf related projects include: RM 038 Bubba Watson Golfer Tourbillon Watch, RM 055 Bubba Watson Automatic Watch and the latest RM 038-01 Gravity Sensor Tourbillon Watch. New features allow Bubba Watson to compete in the game The field is even stronger. The RM 38-01 Bubba Watson Tourbillon Watch is equipped with the world’s first mechanical gravity sensing device. This mechanical device is composed of more than 50 fine parts and is only 17 mm thick, allowing the wearer to detect the gravity emitted during the dribble. The sensor is set at 12 o’clock, which can record the strength of a golfer’s one shot, especially the closing movement. RM 38-01 can detect gravity acceleration up to 20G. For a golfer like Bubba Watson who can hit the ball at a speed of 310 kilometers per hour, this is undoubtedly a very important information to win the game. Bubba Watson will rise to second place in the FedEx Cup. This is his second championship of the season and the sixth championship of his career. The world ranking has squeezed from 12th to the top 5 to become the 4th in the world.

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