Month: October 2011

2018 “Formal Gentleman Ride”: Chasing The Star Of Hope

More than 112’000 gentlemen and their classic motorcycles have come to the streets of 648 cities in 102 countries to contribute to the Movember Foundation, which is dedicated to prostate cancer research and men’s mental health. .

 This is the third year that this impressive global party has been held. At this good opportunity, Zenith has launched the official watch PilotType20ChronographTonUpBlack for the event in the global market.
 Le Locle, Switzerland, October 1, 2018: On Sunday, September 30, 112’000 retro and classic motorcycle enthusiasts traveled through 648 cities in 102 countries as official partners of the ‘Dress of a Gentleman’s Riding’ (DGR) ——Movember Foundation dedicated to cancer research and men’s mental health raises funds to raise people’s awareness of this, and brands with guiding stars are shining globally.
 As one of the world’s largest men’s health charity fundraising events, DGR has raised more than $ 13 million in funds to date, and intends to add $ 6 million in charity to the cause through the 2018 fundraising campaign that ended on October 14, 2018. paragraph. In DGR events, New York Station welcomed Mr. MarkHawwa, founder of DGR, Mr. JulienTornare, CEO of Zenith, and loyal friends of the brand, including official photographer DimitriCoste of this special event, fashion blogger EdKavishe, The 112’000 riders showed their love on their scrambler, choppers, bobber or retro locomotives. With the strong support of Zenith ambassadors and brand friends, Zenith’s team is not only the largest team in DGR, but also a top fundraising team.

PilotTonUpBlack: Retro style combined with sporty spirit
 Paying tribute to the eternal style and selfless charity, Zenith launched the PilotType20ChronographTonUpBlack on the market and joined the spirit of DGR. Designed for the Coffee Knights, they are also known as TonUp Boys. This masculine timepiece is extremely minimalistic. Loaded in a manly 45mm distressed stainless steel case, the dark matte dial with the same black case is like a coffee knight riding on a motorcycle. For added comfort and longevity, the signature oily cowhide leather strap is specially equipped with protective rubber lining, as well as contrasting white hand stitching and titanium buckles. Powered by the well-known self-produced 4069 ElPrimero automatic movement at 5 Hz (36,000 times per hour), this cool watch has a retro look and sporty style!
 In order to further enhance the enthusiasm of the participants, Zenith has launched a specially produced DGR five-piece limited edition. Added to these timepieces are DGR engravings, dial inscriptions, and custom straps, dedicated to the three major fundraisers, the most successful Zenith fundraisers, and the lucky ones among all participants.

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