Su Youpeng Lin Xinru Helped The Opening Ceremony Of The Bvlgari Shenyang Vientiane City Boutique

Bulgari’s second boutique in Shenyang has recently opened in Shenyang Vientiane City. Famous movie stars Su Youpeng and Lin Xinru wore brand jewelry watches on the same day to help out, together with Legli Gavazza, managing director of Bulgari Greater China, and other guests witnessed this important moment.

Lin Xinru
     On the day of the event, Su Youpeng and Lin Xinru performed Bulgari’s luxury and elegance. As good friends for many years, the two were very happy to be together at the opening event of the brand Shenyang Vientiane Boutique. At the same time, two good friends also expressed their unique opinions and love for Bulgari. In addition, the superb supermodels also presented a super-luxury top jewelry feast to the guests on the day, adding a touch of color to the opening event.
Bulgari Shenyang Vientiane City Boutique
     The total area of ​​the Bulgari Shenyang Vientiane City boutique is 175 square meters. The store adhering to the brand’s consistent decorative style, the layout is wide and transparent, and the decoration is luxurious and delicate. The new concept decoration uses a luxurious and pleasing color from the overall color, such as the brown Spanish marble porch full of texture, warm and soft beige. The decorative walls, deep and calm chestnut-colored counters and display cabinets, maple-colored floor tiles, and cream-white fabric sofas all make the store full of a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, giving customers a sense of calmness. In addition, there is also a VIP area in the store, where customers can feel different tastes of artworks, and enjoy sketches of Bulgari jewelry and earrings.