Month: May 2011

Jacques De Lo Presents The Image Of A Male Lion In 28 Ingenious ‘art Workshop’ Watches

Jaquet Droz presents a new limited edition watch series (limited to 28 pieces) with the theme of nature once again. Qi Yuxuanang’s lion stepped into the world of the Ateliersd’Art and settled on the immortal masterpiece of the brand. Lion is the prestigious ‘King of Beasts’, brave and mighty, majestic and powerful, and various religions and myths and legends give it a variety of qualities and qualities. Today, the lion, the symbol of the king, stands proudly above the Jaquet Droz Petite HeureMinute watch. The brand accurately captures the lively expression of the lion, combining its majestic and awe-inspiring attitude with a lazy and leisurely attitude, and the swiftness and fierceness during hunting.

   Jaquet Droz uses micro-painting to depict this unique charm. Only the exquisite micro-painting technique can realistically reproduce the details of the lion’s expression. The fine lines of the eyes and fur are carefully drawn by hand. The artisan masters at Jaquet Droz’s art workshop use a variety of brushes, some of which have a tip of only a hair, as thin as hair. In a square inch case with a diameter of 43 mm, they painted subtle details that were almost imperceptible to the naked eye, creating vibrant and lifelike paintings. The 28 watches are all handmade, each with its own characteristics, and can be described as an ingenious collection.

   The craftsmanship used in the watch is ingenious, making them even more unique in the world of Jaquet Droz. The micro-painting creation on the black big fire flame enamel chassis gives the pattern a deep sense, making the image of a male lion on the dial. The watch thus presents contrasting colors and styles. The simple and stylish black enamel dial contrasts with the colorful hand-painted micro-patterns created by the master craftsmen of Jaquet Droz.

   Each timepiece is accompanied by an art workshop certificate, signed by a master craftsman who made 28 watches by hand. They present various arts and crafts with delicate methods on timepieces, thereby establishing a valuable and intimate relationship between the watch owner and the brand. Jaquet Droz is dedicated to guarding the superb craftsmanship of ingenuity, writing a new chapter with the Petite HeureMinuteLion watch.

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