Colorful Art Breeze Celebrity Lingni Series Ladies Watch Real Shot

At the 2015 Geneva Haute Horlogerie Show, Baume & Mercier added four new artistic watches with a feminine charm to the Ling Ni series, which has four charming and gorgeous colors. This is a warm yellow model watch taken in real time.
  Since the creation of Baume & Mercier watch in 1869, it has always insisted on creating wristwatches with excellent watchmaking skills. At the same time, the brand has always adhered to the development of women’s watches, and has never stopped looking for inspiration from life and strives to meet the expectations of female friends .

Fashionable watch
   At SIHH 2015, Baume & Mercier’s new Ling Ni series watches are fashionable and stylish, leading the latest trends. The watch is equipped with interchangeable straps, inspired by the bright colors of Pop Art, presenting creative artistic inspiration, and luxurious top leather brings unparalleled comfort.

Colorful watches lead the latest trends
  The watch is as warm as honey, and yellow is the representative color of the summer happy time. The strap is gorgeous and fashionable, and has a strong artistic atmosphere. It can bring vitality to day wear, add luster to evening wear, and present a golden texture like a sun kiss.

Slim case fits on women’s wrists

With an orange leather strap

Dial continues the classic design of the Ling Ni series

Elegant sun-ray texture between the surfaces

Unique lugs highlight the charm of women’s watches

Time scale on the bezel

Pin buckle for easier wearing

Dense bottom case design

Summary: The 2015 SIHH presented us with a unique visual feast, and we look forward to the report group in front of the Watch House to bring us more exciting content. For more details, please click on the watch live event in Geneva:

Do You Know How Many Countries Care About The August 15th Moon? Blancpain Brings You The Mid-autumn Flavors Across Asia

‘Drunken osmanthus tree shakes the earth, calling the world a cool breeze.’ The Mid-Autumn Festival, which celebrates the moon, comes as scheduled.
   The Mid-Autumn Festival is also known as the ‘Reunion Festival’. As a valuable cultural heritage, it is the second largest festival after the Spring Festival in Chinese traditional festivals. Under the influence of a long-standing Chinese culture, the customs of the Mid-Autumn Festival may be imitated by other countries, or spread with overseas Chinese. It is widely spread around the world, especially in Asian countries, and presents a Mid-Autumn flavor that seems familiar and unique.
   No matter where you are or who you spend time with, the good times are always unforgettable and fleeting. ‘The creator of classic timepieces’ Blancpain selects a number of watches with regional characteristics to take you to Asian countries, to explore other Mid-Autumn Festivals with exotic flavors, to perceive the flow of culture, to help you remember the day of the festival reunion As the moon falls, the stars turn.
China: Enjoying the Moon and Reunion
   One of the sayings about the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival is the moon worship that began in ancient times. The moon, with its ‘successful and bright’ characteristics, fits perfectly with the demands of ‘successful life and family reunion’ in Chinese culture. The origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the legends of Chang’e flying to the moon, Wu Gang cutting the gui, festivals and customs such as moon appreciation, moon worship, and moon cake are passed down to this day, which shows the continuous vitality of traditional Chinese culture.

Blancpain Villeret Chinese Calendar Watch-Red Gold
   To coincide with such a festival, such a precious moment should be recorded with a watch that can reflect the beauty of Chinese traditional chronograph. And the best timepiece that can show the beauty of Chinese culture is this Villeret series Chinese calendar watch. It uses the timekeeping principle that has been ingrained in China for thousands of years and is an extraordinary timepiece that has both practical value and far-reaching significance. The layout of the chronograph dial is exquisite, and the hour, minute and standard calendars are jumping on the dial. It also integrates important timing elements in the traditional Chinese calendar, such as twelve hours (24 hours), the lunar date, the lunar month (in combination with the leap month display), The zodiac year even includes five elements and ten heavenly stems. The twelve zodiac signs correspond to the twelve Earthly Branches, which are matched with the Ten Heavenly Stems in turn, forming sixty basic units or sixty stems, commonly known as ‘sixty Jiazi’, which constitute the core content of China’s seasonal culture. The watch is equipped with a cal. 3638 self-winding movement, which consists of 464 parts set with 39 gems, and has a power reserve of 7 days. The watch is complex in craftsmanship and exquisite in technology. It perfectly presents many time elements without periodic patterns on the dial. The watch uses a 45mm diameter red gold case, the crown is decorated with a convex round cut ruby, and 5 hidden adjustment buttons designed by Blancpain’s patented technology under the lugs ensure easy adjustment while ensuring the side of the watch. Clean and smooth lines.
   At the same time, ‘the moon is cloudy and clear,’ the change of the moon phase indicates the change of time, and the trajectory of life is like the continuous change of the moon phase, harvesting wisdom and wealth in the ups and downs. In the world of watches, the moon phase function is the most romantic expression of time. So if you spend this reunion festival in China, how can you not wear a watch with moon phase function? Since the re-interpretation of the moon phase display of this once buried complex function in 1983, and the successful revival of mechanical watches, Blancpain has developed a rich and complete family of moon phase watches.

Blancpain Villeret moon phase watch
   This Villeret series Carrousel moon phase watch is one of the best. It is equipped with a self-winding movement Cal.225L, which will superimpose the two complex functions of Caro Russell, which is intended to reduce the effect of gravity on the movement of the movement, and the moon phase display leading the revival of mechanical watchmaking. The Cal.225L movement has stable performance and consists of a total of 281 parts, of which 61 parts are specially designed for Carrousel institutions. In addition, the movement is also equipped with a silicon hairspring, which has a power reserve of up to five days. This masterpiece completes Blancpain’s rich moon phase family. On the dial of the pure and low-profile big fire enamel, the precise rotation of a Carrousel and the beautiful pair of stars and moons complement each other, and the fun of it is self-evident.
Dongzhang: Moon Festival, Qingfeng
   The Mid-Autumn Festival was introduced to Japan from China in the late Tang Dynasty. It is called ‘Fifteen Nights’ or ‘Mid-Autumn Festival Moon’ in Japan. Although the Mid-Autumn Festival is not a grand festival in Japan, there are still many festivals. Customs. Every year on the ‘Fifteen Nights’, the Japanese people will hold activities to sacrifice the moon and celebrate the harvest to thank God for helping the harvest. And the legend of Chang’e flying to the moon and Wu Gang’s laurels in Japan has evolved into white rabbits making shochu under laurels Interesting story.

Blancpain Villeret solitary copper watch
   Just as Chinese traditional culture is widely spread in various countries, some traditional Japanese craftsmanship is also widely used. For example, the red copper crafts from Japan are used on the dial by Blancpain watchmakers to make The stunning Villeret series red copper craft orphan watch presents the splendid beauty of Dongkuan copper (Shakudō) to the world. Red copper is an alloy composed of two materials, copper and gold. It is often used to make utensils such as swords, decorations and jewelry, but it has been rarely seen in watchmaking. Blancpain presents this rare art form to everyone through this series of unique and precious chronograph watches. The dials of the series models are decorated with the ganesha Ganesh, five-pin pine, goats, griffins, and coelacanths. Inheriting the classic aesthetic elements of the Villeret series, these models are made of red gold with a diameter of 45 mm. They are transparent through the sapphire crystal. You can also see the Cal.15B handcrafted with the Geneva ripple (Geneva stripes) pattern Charming charm of the winding movement. In this way, wearing a watch that contains the mysterious beauty of Tobe has a special meaning in Japan.
Lion City: Lantern Festival, Xianglong
   In Singapore, where the Chinese account for nearly 80% of the total population, the Mid-Autumn Festival is naturally an important festival celebrated by everyone, and it is generally considered to be the most poetic and humane festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival custom in Singapore basically retains the traditional festival characteristics of Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, among which the more special is the large-scale lantern festival or lantern parade. So every Mid-Autumn Festival, Singapore’s night will be dazzled with dreamy lanterns. The most popular lantern design is Xianglong. Whether it is the giant dragon lamp standing on the Singapore River or the glorious multiple dragons gathered in the traditional Chinese settlement of Chinatown, they all reflect people’s ‘respect for the dragon’ and regard the dragon as an auspicious and majestic symbol.

Blancpain Damascus Gold Craft Watch-Dragon
   So if it is to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival in Singapore, wearing a watch with a ‘Dragon’ totem to play in the ‘Dragon Dragon’ lantern festival, it would be more appropriate. This Damascus gold-inlaid watch presents the entire ‘dragon’ vividly on a square-shaped dial, precipitating an infinite amount of time-blowing. This private haute couture watch is equipped with a cal.15B manual winding movement, a 40-hour power reserve and a water resistance of 30 meters. Diameter 45mm, titanium dial with gold inlay, exquisite Damascus gold setting technology. Damascus metal inlay technology is extremely exotic, and at the same time has strict technical requirements. First, the surface of the metal utensil needs to be heated with a flat chisel mold, and then the file is cut into a trapezoidal groove on the metal at an inclination angle of 30 degrees; then the gold wire is embedded in the groove and beaten and compacted. Because 24K pure gold is extremely malleable, it can fit snugly into the inner edge of the groove. Finally, the craftsmen need to polish and polish the metal surface. Blancpain applies this time-honored form of craftsmanship to watch dials, creating an extraordinary timepiece collection. Precise and detailed carvings, technical hammer insertions, and finishing touches, these series of watches are extraordinary and glorious, which greatly enriches the treasure trove of Damascus metal gold-inlaid craftsmanship.
Malaysia: Float, Chang’e
   Moon cake eating, moon watching, and lantern parade are Mid-Autumn Festival customs passed down from generation to generation of Chinese in Malaysia. The Mid-Autumn Festival, an important festival in the Chinese society, was designated as a tourism celebration by the Malay government in 2003. It will hold grand celebrations such as dragon dance, lion dance and float show. One of the most fascinating is undoubtedly the float show, where floats carrying ‘Chang’e’ and ‘Seven Fairies’ roamed, and entertainers and youths in bright costumes sang songs and dances. It was lively and extraordinary. Very wide, people like to talk about the Mid-Autumn Festival with the long-sleeve dancing fairy ‘Chang’e’ in the Moon Palace.

Blancpain Women’s Calendar Moon Phase Watch
   And the watch that can match the touching ‘Tianxian’ is a full-fledged women’s full-calendar moon phase watch. A sweet ‘moon face’ on the dial made by mother-of-pearl makes people feel tender and tender. The 58 diamonds inlaid on the bezel and surface totaling nearly 2 carats are dazzling and stunning. The exquisite red date hands, gorgeous Roman numerals and diamond scales prove that this is a women’s watch that perfectly combines elegant design with complex functions. Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can see the automatic calendar Cal. 6763-driven full calendar and moon phase display, small seconds at 6 o’clock, and the day and month display at 12 o’clock. This powerful movement provides a 100-hour power reserve and is equipped with a oscillating weight with 3 heart-shaped ornaments, which fully displays the charm of women.
   Good flowers, full moon. May the ‘stars’ on your wrists and the local bright moon at that time shine together the rare reunion time of the family and record the warm moments in everyone’s heart.