The King Is Coming Again Real Shooting Roger Dubuis Excalibur Aventador S Rose Gold Watch

Roger Dubuis Roar Dubuis has a long roar in the depths of the Creative Lab-This brand that has always adhered to the ‘Creation of extraordinary’ is ready to launch, ready to launch two grandly in 2018 A fascinating and spectacular timepiece, presenting a new interpretation of its Excalibur King series. Both watches were born with the help of partners: Pirelli, which embodies a ‘perfect fit’, and Lamborghini Squadra Corse, the sports department that carries ‘excellent machinery and gallop’. An Excalibur Aventador S blue watch and an Excalibur Aventador S rose gold watch. Let’s take a look at rose gold as an example:

   Excalibur Aventador S rose gold watch with rose gold bezel and elegant black Alcantara® strap. Excalibur Aventador S series rose gold watch is the same as the previous timepieces of this series, not only following Lamborghini’s proud car tradition, but also Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis’s enthusiasm for sophisticated machinery has been given life, exudes The vibrant vitality of motorsport also shows the remarkable design aesthetics of supercars.

   Excalibur Spider skeleton case, 45 mm in diameter, made of laminated carbon fiber. Assembled titanium alloy ring with black rubber coating. Equipped with a rose gold grooved bezel with black markings.

   The rose gold crown is engraved with the Roger Dubuis logo, showing the charm of brand recognition. Covered with black rubber coating for superior feel.

    The cutout dial is decorated with a black bezel and rose gold indexes covered with white SLN luminous paint. Black PVD-coated 18K gold hands, with needles filled with black SLN luminous paint, contrast with the rose gold seconds hand, and the time indication is clear and intuitive.

   Like the blue strap model, this watch features a dual-material strap with a black rubber frame and yellow stitching, and is lined with black Alcantara® with black stitching. Equipped with quick-release device for easy strap replacement, making strap replacement more convenient.

   The above is the latest cutting-edge information of the 2018 SIHH Geneva International Haute Horlogerie brought to you by watch house professionals. Next, we will provide you with more intuitive exhibition reports, so please pay attention.
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The Beauty Of Simplicity And Exquisite Appreciation Of Jacques Dro’s New Watch Real Shot

Baselworld 2014 is in full swing. The annual watch fair is a major event in the watch industry. New watches from many brands have once again become the focus of much attention. The House of Watches brought forward a real shot of Jaquet-Dro’s new watch for everyone. The Jaquet-Dro elegant 8 (ELLE8) watch is graceful and elegant.

  The simple and noble design blends elegant and smooth curves. The Jacques de Droghe Elegant 8 watch is presented to those charming women in time. A diamond band surrounds the bezel, highlighting the exquisite curve of the watch, showing the beauty of simplicity.

  The extended effect of the crown makes the case more round and full, while the curved sapphire crystal, dial and hands further show the three-dimensional effect of this timepiece.

  The white strap matches the overall color scheme, simple and beautiful.

  The final beauty: a round pearl or gem is set on the top of the watch, making the watch more elegant and luxurious. This inlay is matched with the selected dial, which the wearer can rotate at the touch of a finger, making it irresistible.

  The watch team’s special report team has also rushed to the watch exhibition site to bring you the most fresh and up-to-date watch information. For more details about Baselworld 2014, please pay attention to our special report page. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)
2014 Basel International Watch Fair topic:

Watchmaker And The Game Of Time: Ten Minutes Of Chanel’s Mysterious Disappearance

When it comes to hiding time, still have to talk about Chanel’s method of completely disappearing for ten minutes. The watch is moved to the crown on the faceplate, just need to press down. The crown will rise like the tarmac slowly rising in the spacecraft. Pulling the raised crown can carry out the time. Adjustment.
    The position of the crown of this mysterious retrograde tourbillon watch is exactly 10 to 20 minutes. The crown is blocked here, and the long minute hand has to be detoured. Of course, we are smart to think that going back is the only way. According to the crazy watchmaker Giulio Papi who designed this watch, the hour hand was designed to skip this blocked 10 minutes by the retrograde method. Its minute hand has the same retrograde speed as the ordinary hand, but after the same time with Chanel After internal discussions, in order to present the elegance of Chanel, these ten minutes have to ‘slowly’ move the pointer back to the 20-minute scale. So this mysterious retrograde tourbillon watch magically took the 11th and 19th minutes and disappeared while the hands were walking slowly counterclockwise.
    This entire retrograde structure does not seem to be too difficult, but it took Giulio Papi a lot of time to reverse the sync hands, the ten-minute digital display disappearing at six o’clock must also be synchronized, and no one can be too fast or too slow. The movement achieves this magical travel time structure through gears and two redesigned special-shaped racks. During the research and development process, three different methods have been tried, and as many as 15 parts have been changed.
    The hatter in Alice in Wonderland told Alice that because he sang annoyed the queen, the queen rebuked him for murder time, so the time elder brother never listened to the elder brother again, and stopped at 6 o’clock for afternoon tea , So the crazy tea party went on day and night. It seems that there are a lot of creative watch designs that can solve the problem of the hatter, and the games between the hatter and the time brother will continue to be realized in the watchmaking industry in the future.

Summer Is The ‘peak Season’ For Diving Watches Have You Bought A Diving Watch?

As soon as summer arrives, various water entertainment projects have begun. Whether it is going to the water park for slide rafting or diving into the sea to catch fish, wearing a good diving watch is the first choice for all watch friends. Today, the Watch House recommends three diving watches with beautiful online value and high cost performance.

   Mido Pilot Series M026.608.37.051.00

Product model: M026.608.37.051.00
Official price: ¥ 13000
Watch diameter: 43.5 mm
Case material: DLC (physical vapor deposition) coating
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: Caliber 80
Water resistance: 600 meters
Watch details: Star Diver 600 top Swiss diving watch, a collection of superb technology, is a watch specially designed for underwater exploration. 43.5 mm diameter, the case is made of 316L stainless steel, mercerized and polished with black DLC diamond-like carbon coating. The watch bezel is filled with Super-LumiNova Grade X ® luminous paint and equipped with a helium exhaust valve, which is water-resistant to 600 meters. Equipped with a COSC-certified observatory movement, it can provide up to 80 hours of autonomous power.
   Certina diving element series C032.429.38.051.00 watch

Product model: C032.429.38.051.00
Official price: ¥ 7250
Watch diameter: 43.10 mm
Case material: 316L stainless steel, PVD
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: Powermatic 80
Water resistance: 200 meters
Watch details: Powermatic 80.661 self-winding movement with 80-hour power reserve. Adopt DS (double insurance) technology, water-resistant to 200 meters.
   Hamilton Khaki Navy H77705145

Product model: H77705145
Official price: ¥ 8150
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Case material: stainless steel, blue aluminum unidirectional rotating bezel
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: H10
Water resistance: 300 meters
Watch details: hamilton / 44103 /
Watch review: This Hamilton Khaki Navy watch has a case diameter of 42.5 mm and is made of stainless steel with a unidirectional rotating bezel. The blue dial is decorated with exquisite snails and dots, and the hour markers and hands are coated with a luminous coating for easy reading at night and underwater. Calendar display window between 4 and 5 o’clock. The watch is equipped with an H-10 self-winding movement with a power reserve of 80 hours and a water resistance of 300 meters.
In summary: the above three diving watches are affordable, with excellent performance and outstanding appearance. If you are planning to start with a daily life-resistant diving watch, consider the three above!

Patek Philippe 5200 One Day More Than God

When God created the world, he completed the creation of the entire world in 6 days. On the 7th day, he began to rest. In order to commemorate God’s creation, believers of God set 7 days as a cycle. 7 days have become a fixed cycle for human beings. The Beatles once madly told about the magic of 8 days in a single ‘eight days a week’. It seems that it is beyond the limits of the world. Today, Patek Philippe launched the latest Gondolo Ref. 5200 eight-day power reserve day and date indicator with eight days of power.

The 5200 is reminiscent of the Ref. 5100 watch launched by Patek Philippe 13 years ago in preparation for the new millennium. On this basis, the pointer-type instant jump date display and large window-type week display are added. Patek Philippe has developed a new movement specifically for the 5200. The Gondolo watch uses a movement component made of Silinvar material, which is newly developed by the Patek Philippe Advanced Technology Research Center. The new movement has two barrels connected in series, using a patented rotor, as well as a Spiromax balance spring and a Pulsomax escapement. Because it is made of Patek Philippe’s newly developed Silinvar silicon-based material, it requires no lubrication and almost no friction. Greatly reduces the energy loss when the fork lever is in contact with the escape wheel.

The Art Of Color Collision The Baume & Mercier Collection Debuts In Geneva

The new works of Lingni Spring / Summer 2015 are fashionable and unique, leading the latest trend of the season. Baume & Mercier adds four new artistic watches to the feminine Ling Ni series. The watch is equipped with replaceable straps, inspired by the bright colors of Pop Art, showing creativity Inspired by art, luxurious top leather brings unparalleled comfort. The matte satin alligator leather strap becomes a visual focal point. Does your eyes seem to have a gorgeous picture?

Fresh green

   This indispensable color has the style of the 1970s and is full of vitality. This strap is fresh and pleasant, and will bring a touch of coolness to your summer outfit. With the ‘green light’ on, you can unleash your charm!
Pop powder

   The color of this candy is sweet and tender, bold and creative, which reminds one of summer’s seductive lips. This strap will become an important element of beautiful makeup, perfect match with the same color lip gloss and nails.
Vitality honey

   Warm as honey, yellow is the color of summertime joy. The strap is gorgeous and fashionable, and has a strong artistic atmosphere. It can bring vitality to day wear, add luster to evening wear, and present a golden texture like a sun kiss.
Colorful purple

   This color symbolizes the splendid spring time, and is integrated with the stylish sky blue and indigo. Inspired by her charm style, beauty masters have created countless new colors.
   The new Lingni watch has rounded lines at a glance, a polished case decorated with a carved bezel, a pure silver dial and an easily replaceable gorgeous strap. It perfectly matches various styles and leads the fashion trend. The four 27mm watches faithfully continue the characteristics of the Lingni series. In addition to the alligator leather strap, a stainless steel strap is also included in the watch box, which gives women the pleasure of matching according to the occasion. .

Finding The Beauty Of Harmony Between Man And Nature

Alain Delamuraz, Global Marketing Director, Blancpain

‘We only make circles, and the simplicity can reflect the essence of watches and movements … this is the purest concept!’

In the 1980s, when Jean-Claude Biver took over Blancpain with a history of more than 200 years, he set the above-mentioned design tone, and passed ‘Since 1735, Blancpain has never launched a quartz watch, and In the future, the slogan will help Blancpain break away from the quartz crisis and devote itself to the production of top-level complex mechanical watches, extending the traditional watchmaking art. Later, Blancpain was reborn as an indicator of vintage and exquisite mechanical watchmaking. Brand. Represented by the Blancpain 1735, this complex timepiece integrates the functions of minute repeater, tourbillon, perpetual calendar, moon phase and chronograph hands. It takes a year for the watchmaker to complete the assembly of the movement.

Since Marc A. Hayek became president and CEO of Blancpain in 2002, Blancpain has drawn inspiration from its rich history and has continuously introduced a number of breathtaking new movements and complex craftsmanship designs. Re-improving the Fifty Fathoms watch, a clever interpretation of the Villeret series, and the introduction of a novel design of the avant-garde series L-evolution.

‘All innovations are based on people.’ In the delicate showroom of Basel Blancpain, Blancpain Global Marketing Director Alain Delamuraz shared Blancpain’s success concept. Alain graduated from the most famous Centennial Hotel Management School (Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne) in Lausanne, Switzerland. Born into an aristocratic family, he speaks five languages. The hotel served before entering Blancpain is the most aristocratic Savoy hotel Group, its British hotel once undertook the coronation banquet of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, and another serving of the Bank of America Palace Group has one of the top 10 most luxurious spas in the world by Forbes Magazine. He worked at the age of 21. I have been to Fredy Girardet’s Restaurant, one of the top ten restaurants in Switzerland. These experiences related to ‘top-class’ and ‘luxury’ suggest that Alain, wherever he is, ‘people are the most important factor.’

‘What top hotels and watches have in common is that we face the most discerning customers. The most important thing is to take care of customers and take care of their feelings. Just like the restaurant chooses the best ingredients for customers. Blancpain has to prepare the best watch materials for customers. ‘With the raw materials, the maker becomes an important bridge to achieve product and customer communication. ‘Without a great watchmaker in the watchmaking industry, we are nothing.’ Although customers can’t see how chefs cook delicious food in the kitchen, and how watchmakers can assemble movements, this does not mean that people Can’t feel the emotion of the maker. ‘Passion is reflected in the watchmaker’s pursuit of the details of watch craftsmanship.’

In the watch box in front of Alain, there are several models that Blancpain recommended in Basel this year. ‘Come, look at these watches, you can fully feel the passion of Blancpain watchmakers.’ This is an interesting interpretation. Pick up a Blancpain QUANTIèME RéTROGRADE women’s watch at your convenience. Under the microscope, the texture of mother-of-pearl is transformed into a hazy brilliance, hazy and tender, like the mist evaporating from Lake Thun at the foot of the Jungfrau, diffused leisurely, just right The light of the diamond on the dial is intertwined with light and shadow, like a natural picture of the mountains and lakes of Switzerland. The mother-of-pearl dial is the material of choice for many of the top brand women’s watches at Basel this year, but natural mother-of-pearl with such neat texture and regular brilliance is rare. The workload of manual selection can be imagined. Among thousands of materials, this is a process of choosing the best and the best. If not all the emotions are poured into it, and every detail is treated like the creation of art, slight flaws will become an artwork for life. regret. It can be seen that the process of making a top-level watch is to pursue the ultimate art, which depends entirely on the creator’s attitude towards the work.

In addition to pursuing the ultimate in the watchmaking process, Blancpain’s marketing approach is also pursuing the ultimate experience of human senses. Not to mention the cooperation between Blancpain and Lamborghini Motorsports, and the cooperation between Blancpain and Bocuse d’Or International Culinary Competition, which is a marketing method used by other high-end brands. Blancpain is unique It is to cooperate with National Geographic on the original marine expedition plan, to fund marine scientists and photographers to survey, research and protect the last few pure and unaffected sea areas, and to study how the marine ecosystem works without human interference.

这些 When these video materials came out, Blancpain put together the wonders of the underwater world and the design of Blancpain watches, forming a rather magical contrast. On the one hand, the octopus glows colorfully on the sea floor, on the other hand, Blancpain’s movement shows the same psychedelic colors as the octopus with the help of Métierd’Art. When the sharks roamed a beautiful curve on the ocean floor, Blancpain’s round dial also turned into a beautiful arc. The beauty of nature has a natural shock. Blancpain finds inspiration from it and faithfully expands respect for nature and art.

When Shensi recovered from the exploration of the underwater world, Alain was very fortunate that Blancpain’s aesthetics could be understood: ‘We are like cocktail experts and need to reconcile knowledge in different fields. We will make customers feel how the brand respects human beings. Cultural heritage, respect for nature, and reflect this respect in the ultimate pursuit of the beauty of products. ‘

Omega Disc Coaxial Escapement Observatory Watch

Flying disc, coaxial escapement, chronometer, automatic winding, model 168.1848, case number 60328648, number 514/999, manufactured in 1999.
Estimated price: 2300-3500 USD
Commission price: USD 6875 (about 45237 yuan)
Overall description:
Saucer flying, coaxial escapement, chronometer, self-winding, model 168.1848, case number 60328648, number 514/999, manufactured in 1999.
附件 [Accessories] watch box, certificate of origin and warranty certificate (expired).
[Diameter] 38 mm.
[Condition] 18K rose gold, three-piece set, stepped bezel, screw-in case back, matte black dial, Cal.2500 movement, rhodium plating, 27 rubies, first generation coaxial escapement movement, The dial, case, and movement are all signed.
评论 [Review]
的 The disc fly coaxial escapement movement manufactured in 1999 uses Omega’s first 2500 movement that incorporates a coaxial escapement. It is of excellent quality and outdated and can be worn daily. For such a good thing, the upper limit of the valuation given by the auctioneer is only more than 20,000 yuan. I don’t know what I want. Do you want to test the level of auction watch fans or attract people’s attention? Not to mention. Obviously, there are many masters in the bidders. After several rounds of bidding, the price is maintained at a relatively reasonable level.

Zenith Is The Official Timing Of Spa-classic 2014

The 4th Spa-Classic was held from May 16th to 18th. The official timing partner of this competition is the famous watch brand Zenith from Switzerland Watch. The organizer of the competition, Peter Auto, also said that compared with previous years, the number of people who dare to watch the competition this year will increase by about 15,000 compared with last year.

    The Spa-Classic in 2014 will be held for three days in the blazing sun. A total of 350 traditional cars will be added to this year’s race, which once again proves this. The game has a strong entertainment nature.

    From the very beginning, the Spa Classic Car Race has become an annual event among fans. This car race invites all three sports cars that have achieved great results in history, continuing the glorious tradition of the Spa-Francorchamp track. In the 1950s and 1960s, many top sports cars once raced on this track. The race is divided into the following six categories: Classic Endurance Racing, Sixties Endurance, Trofeo Nastro Rosso, ASAVE (Challenge ASAVE), BOSS GP and Group C Racing.

 The Spa-Francorchamp circuit is located at the hub of Europe and offers spectacular views of the Ardennes Mountains. Not only is it one of the longest circuits in Europe, it still retains many of its famous features so far, such as the famous ‘Eau Rouge’ curve was once the stage of many fierce competitions. Among them, Joe Siffert and Pedro Rodriguez once raced on the top of the mountain in a Porsche 917 supercar in 1970.

Steel, Platinum, And 18k Roses Are All Weak. Ceramic Watches Lead The New Fashion

The water flows in the east, Ye Luo has one after another, and the lingering time quietly passes away, and it is the fall season. Since ancient times, scholars and writers have always lamented the years as a shuttle. Whether it is an ancient clock or a delicate wrist watch, it is the most elegant testimony of time. Choosing a watch that suits you is just like choosing a lover who is harmonious and goes well with each other.
  In the face of choice, I think everyone will be tangled, whether you are Libra or not. Since the day when I entered the watch industry, relatives and friends always ask me the same sentence: ‘What watch should I buy, which is more suitable?’ Actually, it is difficult for me to face such a problem every time. To give an exact answer, first of all, there are many watch brands and countless models. It is not easy to pick out a star-shaped model that suits a person. Not everyone is suitable for the luxurious Vacheron Constantin and Jaeger-LeCoultre. , Earl, Cartier … Secondly, everyone’s style, taste, and hobby are also different, so even the best watch may not be suitable for you. Therefore, do not follow the trend when buying a watch, you must comprehensively consider before shooting.
  Buying a watch not only simply considers the general factors of price, appearance, and function, but the material is equally important. For example, fresh graduates wearing casual watches with stainless steel and rubber bands are fully in line with their sunny and energetic temperament. However, if they wear a large golden labor or complex tourbillon, they will look out of place and completely resemble the superior feeling.
  Most people choose steel when they buy a watch. This is because precious metal watches are generally priced too high. Secondly, this material is too heavy, which puts a lot of pressure on the wrist. Therefore, stainless steel, stainless steel or rubber watches are very popular, but usually this material can not meet the needs of some people, so today the editor will recommend several watches made of special high-tech ceramics for everyone, Speaking of which everyone should guess, it is the well-known Swiss watch brand-radar.

  Radar perfectly uses ceramic materials on watches, not only subverting the entire watch industry, but also leading the design trend of high-tech ceramic watches. The radar Haoxing series, Isa series, Jingcui series, and this year’s main push Diamond series are all very good models of the brand. These are all ceramic watches, but choosing the right one takes some care.
Radar Isa Tactile Watch
  Diamonds seem to be born for women only. Bright diamonds are women’s best friends. Many women do not have any resistance to jewelry full of diamonds. Although they are fond of it, the high price of diamond watches makes many women discourage them. The Radha Isa series diamond watch is completely different from other brands in diamond control. This is the brand’s first masterpiece that perfectly integrates diamond and ceramic technology. If you are a fashionable woman pursuing trends, then this watch is very suitable. At present, the domestic reference price of this watch is 94,200 yuan.

  This Radar Isa series touch watch continues the Isa series classic oval case design, and for the first time, it perfectly blends the diamond inlay technology with ceramic materials, so the aesthetics of the watch is also sublimated. The watch is made of moist ceramic material, which is extremely comfortable to wear, and its low-sensitivity characteristics fit the skin more closely. The dial, case and strap of the watch are set with 132 crystal clear diamonds, always shining dazzling light.

  The biggest feature of this watch is the perfect fusion of diamonds in ceramics for the first time. In fact, it is not easy to embed diamonds in ceramics. First, the watchmaker must be accurate on the single structure case and each tiny high-tech ceramic bracelet link. Identify where diamonds need to be set to ensure the perfect pattern. According to the marked position, a small hole is drilled in the ceramic with a laser, and then softened platinum is injected into each small hole in a precise amount, and then a diamond is set on it. Each diamond is set by hand using traditional watchmaking techniques. After setting, the platinum is almost completely covered. The watch has 132 diamonds, of which 92 are on the dial. All the diamonds used are top Wesselton diamonds, and the clarity level is VVS. The crystals are clear and perfectly cut, creating a beauty beyond the reality and a low-key luxury. charm.

  Secondly, another feature of the watch is the touch-sensitive design. To adjust the time setting, first set the watch to the setting mode. After touching the case at 8 o’clock for about 5 seconds, quickly slide your finger over the right of the case. Side, the watch will emit a short beep sound; when setting the hour hand, slide your finger clockwise along the left side of the case to adjust it for one hour, and slide it counterclockwise to adjust it backward. One hour; when setting the minute hand, slide your finger clockwise along the right side of the case to adjust it for one minute forward, and slide it counterclockwise to adjust it for one minute backward.
  This watch is also a favorite of radar spokesperson Ms. Tang Wei. The white elegant dial is intoxicating, and the diamond shape dotted on the dial is like a flower. It also highlights the elegant and gentle temperament of women. The tactile adjustment adds the watch Interesting, so this watch is the best choice for fashionable women.
For more watch details, please click: Beauty is not just for women, men’s pursuit of beauty is equally important. The Diamond Pa series is Radar’s main watch series this year. The hollow-out design of the watch can stimulate men’s desire for mechanical sense. This watch made of plasma high-tech ceramics perfectly shows the exquisite craftsmanship hidden inside, which is in line with passion For the unrestrained men’s needs, the current domestic reference price of this watch is 36,500 yuan.

  This watch is Radar’s new masterpiece at Baselworld this year. The watch uses Radar’s groundbreaking one-piece plasma high-tech ceramic case. It is limited to 499 pieces, each with an independent number.

  The watch has a diameter of 41 millimeters, which fits the wrist of most men. A large area of ​​the watch is made of plasma ceramics. This material has a complicated workmanship. It is made of a white high-tech kit and then placed in a plasma ceramic sintering furnace. When the plasma high-tech ceramic reaches 900 degrees Celsius, the watch’s The warm gray metallic luster slowly emerges, which shows the exquisite radar watchmaking skills.

  The dial perfectly showcases the beauty of the hollow design. The warm gray dial surface gives a magnificent feeling, and the golden hands highlight the elegance of the watch. The hour and hour scales are marked with gold swords, and the remaining scales are displayed with small black bar marks. The gold swingable anchor LOGO is embedded on the dial, and the radar classic logo is engraved next to it, demonstrating the clever design of radar watchmaking. At the same time with a black leather strap, is the only watch in the series using a leather strap, not only has a noble temperament, but also adds trendy retro elements.
For more watch details, please click:
Radar Haoxing mechanical watch
  The radar Haoxing series is one of the brand’s important series. This mechanical watch is made of plasma high-tech ceramics, which has a distinctive texture. You can feel the unique temperament of the watch from its elegant silhouette, simple dial surface and dark brown strap. If you are a gentle man, this watch is for you.

  The watch case is made of high-tech plasma ceramics. It is a one-piece design. The hardened unique decoration is inserted on both sides and the lines are elegant. This design can be said to be the highlight of the Haoxing series. The watch’s 42 mm diameter Fits most men’s wrists. High-tech ceramic material with light and comfortable, easy to wear and hypoallergenic all the advantages.

  The silver dial has an introverted atmosphere, and the sun ray texture spreads over the dial, which has an excellent design sense. Twelve golden time scales are evenly distributed at the full time position, and the top is all coated with luminous coating, which is convenient for reading time at night. The small seconds at 6 o’clock is simple and durable. ; 3 o’clock position is the date display window, used to display the date of the day; the classic small three-pin design also adds to the dynamic surface of the disk. The low-key and simple design of this radar Haoxing series watch reveals a strong retro complex, and the high-tech ceramic case exudes a fashionable taste. The watch is the best choice for elegant and restrained men.
For more watch details, please click: Each brand will launch sports-related watches, radar is no exception. Everyone knows that radar watches are inextricably linked to tennis, so they have launched a number of special watches for the court. This series of watches are also made of high-tech ceramics and sporty, which is very suitable for sports men’s wrists. It is worn on the body, and the current domestic reference price is 22,400 yuan.

  The watch case is made of black high-tech ceramic, which is a one-piece design. The hardened stainless steel decoration is inserted on both sides. This is a very complicated process for the watchmaking process, which tests the watchmaker’s patience and skill. High-tech ceramic material with light and comfortable, easy to wear and hypoallergenic all the advantages.

  The dial design of the watch is very simple. The entire dial is equipped with a blue-gray tone to bring a comfortable visual experience. The time display uses a bar scale and the end is covered with a luminous coating. At 3 o’clock is the date display window, and at 12 o’clock is the blue swingable anchor logo and radar classic logo.

  This watch is born for sports, providing precise timing whether it is practice, training or competition. The simple dial, high-tech ceramics, and ingenious design all add brilliance to this watch. At the same time, we can also feel the exquisite and innovative radar watchmaking skills.
In summary: the above radar series of different watches have different styles, of course, also suitable for different population needs. Or delicate and gentle, low-key elegant, high-end complex, or leisure sports, in addition, all watches are full of avant-garde and modern sense, and high-tech ceramic materials also bring a unique wearing experience, diamond-set Ceramics set a new milestone in radar watchmaking.

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