How To Create A Black-and-white Style? Just Ask Liu Wen, Lin Yun, Ouyang Nana.

Black and white are two absolutely opposite colors in the world. The black-and-white style is the modern attitude of modern women. White, elegant and confident enough to accommodate everything. If you think this sounds a bit futile, then seeing Liu Wen who appeared at the Vogue Film premiere party, you can immediately have a concrete perception.

Liu Wen attends Vogue Film premiere party, wearing Chanel J12 · XS white ceramic watch

Liu Wen attends Vogue Film premiere party

Liu Wen wears Chanel J12 · XS white ceramic watch

  The all-white suit was gracefully interpreted by Liu Wen. The delicate and gentleness of the cousin, which was not common, was also gently lifted by the pure white Chanel J12 · XS ceramic watch. The 19 mm diameter dial looks small and agile, jumping unparalleled in the wrist and exquisite beauty, making Liu Wen’s temperament exudes a lot of understanding.

Ouyang Nana wears black camisole with Chanel J12 · XS white ceramic watch

Ouyang Nana wears black camisole with Chanel J12 · XS white ceramic watch

Ouyang Nana wears Chanel J12 · XS white ceramic watch

   If I were to describe what a young girl looks like, my first association must be from Ouyang Nana. Even wearing a black suspender skirt, she is still sexy and mature. It’s all because of this energetic face and the Chanel J12 · XS white ceramic watch exposed by inadvertently raising your hand … The clean and pure feeling emanates from the wrist. The childish and beautiful adolescent girl in the impression seems to be all A pure white watch is on hand.

Chanel J12 · XS series white ceramic watches recommended:

Chanel J12 · XS Series White Ceramic Watch

White lacquered dial, high-precision quartz movement

Inner bezel set with 32 brilliant-cut diamonds

   The high-end introverted white, moist ceramic texture and brilliant diamonds perfectly embody the looming luxury unique to the J12 · XS white ceramic watch.

Non-screw crown design

Delicate steel bezel

High-tech precision ceramic bracelet

Case back engraved with ‘Chanel J12’ Logo

High-tech precision ceramic, highly wear-resistant and scratch-resistant

Bracelet set with 116 brilliant-cut diamonds

The beauty of the white mood is continued by the Chanel J12 · XS series watches
   Black is the exclusive color of maverick girls. When choosing it, what you have to consider is not the distinctive issue, but how to make yourself cool and feminine. The perfect interpretation of ‘Mermaid’ Lin Yun tells you how to express yourself when wearing a Chanel J12 · XS black ceramic watch.

Lin Yun wears Chanel J12 · XS black ceramic watch

Lin Yun wears Chanel J12 · XS black ceramic watch

Lin Yun wears Chanel J12 · XS black ceramic watch

   Temperament comes with sweetness, afraid of black watches being too rigid? After seeing Lin Yun’s demonstration, you will retract this idea. The black, slender J12 · XS ceramic watch looks light and agile on her hands, plus the stylish combination of white coat, skinny jeans and Chocker, completely revealing the youthful youthful atmosphere. The ability to change style with the wearer’s personality is the charm hidden in black.
Chanel J12 · XS Series Black Ceramic Watch Recommended:

Chanel J12 · XS Series Black Ceramic Watch

Black high-tech precision ceramic with stainless steel case
Inner bezel set with 32 brilliant-cut diamonds

   In the world of Chanel J12 · XS watches, black also has an obsession with color magic.

The bevelled design of the bezel is exquisite and interesting.

Non-screw crown design

High-quality black ceramic bracelet

The combination of black lacquered dial and white diamond on the bezel is exquisite and perfect

Triple folding stainless steel buckle

Case back engraved with ‘Chanel J12’ Logo

Chanel J12 · XS Series Ceramic Watch

Without black, white cannot be brilliant; without white, black cannot release depth, and the most opposing colors also possess the most extreme beauty. In a black and white world, your choice is your style.
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German Watches: A Unique But Distinct Way To Watchmaking

When it comes to high-end watches, many people think of Switzerland, but as a country standing at the top of the world’s clock pyramid, Swiss watches face many challengers, and among them the most powerful and oldest It’s Germany. Before World War II, Germany had developed into one of the two most important watchmaking powers in the world. Following the defeat of Germany in World War II, German watchmaking suffered a brutal blow. It was only after the Berlin Wall was toppled in 1989 that German watchmaking ushered in a new opportunity for rise. PanoMaticLunar & PanoMaticDate Glashütte
Long and bumpy German watch history
The history of German watchmaking dates back to the 15th century. In 1530, the German Nuremberg locksmith PeterHenlein manufactured the world’s first pocket watch. The first German watchmaking company was born in 1845 in Glashütte. After more than 100 years, it was also very tortuous. In the middle, it experienced World War I and the German economic depression. But after more than 100 years of development, by 1945, before World War II, Germany had developed into the world’s most important. One of the two watchmaking powers. Following the defeat of Germany in World War II, German watchmaking suffered a brutal blow. It was only after the Berlin Wall was toppled in 1989 that German watchmaking ushered in a new opportunity for rise.
German watch style and characteristics
Many people do not understand the German watchmaking industry, probably because German watches seem indifferent to marketing and publicity. Compared with the Swiss watch-oriented design features, the pragmatism and rigor of the Germanic nation have embarked on a unique but distinct way of watchmaking.
Style difference
The dials of German-style watchmaking are generally relatively clean, and rarely use pattern carving. Most German watches also rarely use diamond and enamel. Among the German watches we often know, Glashütte will have more enamel or diamond-set watches. Lange also unveiled a basic watch with diamonds this year, which is beautiful and very beautiful, but personally thinks that this does not seem to be Lange’s style.
Secondly, the overall design of the German-made watch case is also clean and concise, and the sides of the case are mostly cut at right angles, with almost no arc. The Swiss-style watchmaking mostly uses a curved side design, which seems to be soft and euphemistic. German watches only had no style during the period from the end of World War II to the reunification of East and West Germany, producing large quantities of curved watches with curved shapes. Of course, this is a political and historical reason and cannot be used as a reference.
Designed genres
When it comes to the style of watchmaking, it must be mentioned that the design concept is different. Germany is particularly clear on this point. German industrial design is deeply influenced by the Bauhaus style. They believe that design must serve the product and have a little function. This pragmatic design style makes German products with an obvious feature, that is, they will not use too useless designs-like those pattern carvings, the use of curves, must not be the original intention of German designers. German industrial designers are reluctant to be artists, they want to become an important part of industrial production.
Another feature of German industrial design is that it is ‘suited to local conditions.’ Their design is to re-optimize existing materials, instead of designing a drawing in advance, and then looking for raw materials all over the world. And the Germans respect their steel very much, and they have a very strong self-confidence in German steel. Therefore, in the manufacture of watches, they believe that the best and most reasonable treatment is polishing or wire drawing. Suspect.
What are the representative brands of German watches?
Top watch brands:
Lange watch
A. Lange & Sohne is one of the top ten luxury watches in the world and a well-known luxury brand. Lange watch is a very precise German mechanical watch brand. Its main characteristics are: unparalleled superb technology and high-level perfect handwork. Lange, as a rare non-Swiss watch brand, is an authentic eastern German product. It once disappeared due to the authoritarian rule of the former East Germany, but once again the two Germanys rejuvenated. Lange insists on making only mechanical precious metal watches, making its quality and price high, generally above 100,000 yuan.
As one of the world’s leading high-end mechanical watch brands with 100% self-made movements of its entire series of watches, the blood of Glashtte Original originates from a German watchmaking town with a history of 165 years. Glashtte. After years of ups and downs, Glashtte Original continues the German watchmaking tradition and continues to write the legend of German fine watchmaking.
Simple design brand:
Nomos Watch
Nomos watches from East Germany are located in Saxony Glashtte, which has a century of watch manufacturing history. Glashtte’s watchmakers use hand-crafted craftsmanship to create high-quality, uniquely designed manual mechanical watches. Nomos’ clear design consciousness is in every The performance and readability of a watch are “exclusive”.
Junghans watch
经典 A classic brand of the German watch industry, born in 1861. For 150 years, it has always enjoyed a good reputation for its simple and elegant appearance and first-class superb quality in Germany. Since it obtained the first patent for producing calendar watches in 1879, the company has obtained more than 3,000 patents.
Military German military watch brand:
Lang Kun watch
坤 Lang Kun LACO, who has authentic German descent, was famous for manufacturing the Air Force Pilot’s Watch B-Uhr during World War II. Its watchmaking history can be traced back to the 1920s. The company was founded by two extremely talented German watchmakers Frieda Lacher and Ludwig Hummel in the German watch town Pforzheim. The name LACO (朗 坤) is exactly from LACHER & CO. Derived from the first syllable.
Sinn watch
SINN-German version of Seiko, this brand is specially made for German professionals, including border inspection teams (that is, those wearing red hats at train stations), fire teams, divers, deep-sea inspectors, pilots, tank soldiers, bankers, etc. The latest mechanical chronograph is used in peacekeeping forces, and its advanced functional design is increasingly recognized by world watch fans.

Through Half A Century, Only For Redefining Sportsman’s Standard

At this year’s 2018 SIHH Geneva Haute Horlogerie Show, when I first saw Vacheron Constantin’s exhibition hall set up a large number of themes with records, gramophones, microphones and men’s exquisite clothing and accessories, they were immediately filled Full of retro style. From the layout of the battlefield at Vacheron Constantin, it is not difficult to imagine that it must be one of the highlights of this year, and the element of retro style is operated by Vacheron Constantin, who has always been famous for its aesthetic design and exquisite craftsmanship. Looking forward? In the 1950s, after the Holocaust of World War II, the industry was in full swing, and the world has entered a transition period of post-war reconstruction. But the reconstruction after the destruction also quickly brought about economic recovery and changes in life style. It was an era from gloom to light, but also a period of freedom, self-style and enjoyment. The inspiration for Vacheron Constantin’s new masterpiece series is from that golden age. In 1956, Vacheron Constantin launched the Ref. 6073 watch. In the early 1950s, the watch industry was still in the era of manual winding movements. Automatic movements were just in their infancy. Ref. 6073 was the first batch of brands equipped with automatic winding. One of the watches with a chain movement, the birth of this watch reflects the pulsation of the brand from time to time. The new FIFTYSIX® Wulu series launched in 2018 is named after the birth year of this watch. Of course, the birth of this series is not just a re-launch of the watch in the past. Vacheron Constantin has given greater ambition behind it, that is, to reinterpret the distinctive style of men in the 1950s in a modern way. , To create a new watch that more closely resembles the contemporary men’s modern lifestyle. Among the timepieces launched by Vacheron Constantin in the 1950s, the design of the round watch is a masterpiece that combines the essence of the brand’s design style at that time. Many of the works are still highly sought after historical masterpieces on the market today. In 1956, Vacheron Constantin launched a Ref. 6073 watch with a distinctive design style, boldly using the brand logo Maltese cross as a design element on the classic round case, deconstructing the cross into a four that perfectly blends with the case. For the lugs, the Maltese cross was disassembled into four three-dimensional V-shapes and connected to the round case with a beautiful and ingenious shape, and it naturally became the lug that linked the case and the strap. In addition, another advanced initiative is that this watch was one of Vacheron Constantin’s first watches with automatic winding movement 1019/1. At that time, the manufacturing technology of the automatic winding mechanism gradually matured, making the thickness of the movement become It was relatively thin, and it gradually became widely used on watches of the time. The launch of this Ref. 6073 watch can be said to be an excellent response to Vacheron Constantin’s background of the era, with a bold breakthrough shape corresponding to the cultural pulse of the creative explosion at the time, and the application of internal advanced technology is full of possibilities. The trend of optimism for the sexual future, and the combination of the two, was an excellent manifestation of mainstream men at the time: excellent taste and confidence. We pull the time back to 2018. Based on this Ref. 6073 watch from the 1950s, Vacheron Constantin re-creates the current version of the FIFTYSIX® Wulu series, which has always been amazing in the fusion of classical and contemporary aesthetics. What is the expected interpretation of Vacheron Constantin? First of all, the new FIFTYSIX® Wulu series is not so much a replica, I think it is more like a re-evolved version of Vacheron Constantin. The shape still retains the distinctive and classic element of the Maltese cross-shaped lugs, but the lines are more modernized, and the case as a whole also presents a smooth, round but simple and tough style. The V-shaped design of the lugs has been integrated into the case cleverly. The outer lines of the four V-shaped lugs extend outward and connect with each other to form the main structure of the case. The inner part is slightly raised and integrated with the bezel structure. In addition, the new work uses an embedded crown, which is different from the semi-spherical crown of Ref. 6073, but it is more in line with modern preferences. The design of the table mirror still retains the box-shaped mirror surface that was higher than the bezel that year, showing a more original retro look, and the material is replaced by sapphire crystal glass. As seen from the side of the watch, the connection between the case and the lugs is smooth and beautiful, and the combination of multiple details presents a rich three-dimensional layering. The fully polished polishing method adds a delicate and modern atmosphere to this series. On the case back, the screw-down waterproof case structure of the multi-layer case back adopted by the Ref. 6073 watch of the year was one of the important developments in the brand’s history. In the new FIFTYSIX® Wulu series This technology still retains this technical feature, but it has evolved into a sapphire transparent bottom cover design, and the other side of the bottom cover is a beautifully polished new contemporary automatic movement. The faceplate design of the FIFTYSIX® series is already quite different from the original look. The new design has richer details, and the improvement of craftsmanship and functionality has been upgraded. The FIFTYSIX® series was first introduced at the SIHH 2018 in Geneva, with three models with a diameter of 40 mm: a self-winding three-hand watch, a weekly calendar power reserve watch and a full calendar precision moon phase wrist table. In order to pay tribute to the special historical status of Ref. 6073 as the brand’s first batch of watches equipped with automatic movements, the entire FIFTYSIX® series is equipped with automatic movements, and is equipped with a newly designed oscillating weight style. The brushed and polished 22K gold skeleton oscillating weight, decorated with Maltese cross-shaped patterns and frosted swirly patterns, has become this series of striking iconic features. In addition, the entire series on the dial adopts a unique subdivision dial design. The outermost circle of the dial is a thin gray minute scale circle. The hour scale is alternately alternated by Arabic numerals and rod-shaped scales. , The inner circle of the faceplate is a simple monochrome design with a track-type seconds circle. Another feature of Wu Luzhi is that for the first time, Vacheron Constantin used both precious metals and stainless steel as materials in the classic series. The application of stainless steel has two very obvious advantages. The first is that the steel material is more suitable for daily wear. Demand is also more competitive in price, but still maintains the brand’s requirements for high aesthetic standards, such as luminous hands equipped with platinum and luminous inlaid hour markers. Another advantage is that between the sports-oriented Overseas and the classic classical Patrimony series, the Wulu-shaped series designed with the style of metropolis are added, so that consumers have more choices. An excellent balance was found between the classical styles. In terms of function, Wu Luzhi series also presents practical and diversified functions according to the needs of modern life. Self-winding three-hand watch model in stainless steel or rose gold with a new Calibre 1326 self-winding movement with a 48-hour power reserve. Hours, minutes, central seconds and date. Steel version with grey dial, pink gold version with silver dial. Another weekly calendar power reserve watch is equipped with the Calibre 2475 SC / 2 automatic movement. Its face plate layout is clear and easy to read. A pair of sub-plates are added to the dial, which are the weekday plate at 9 o’clock and the date plate at 3 o’clock, and the power reserve display is set at 6 o’clock. Another full-calendar precision moon phase watch offers practical and aesthetically pleasing watch performance. The Calibre 2460 QCL / 1 self-winding movement is equipped inside, which can fully provide the day, date, month and date. Moon phase display with poetic aesthetics. The moon disc at 6 o’clock is composed of a blue night sky and an 18-gold gold moon. It only needs to be adjusted once every 122 years. There are two windows below the 12 o’clock dial, which display the month and day, respectively. The center hand indicates. As a new series launched by Vacheron Constantin, Wu Luzhi is a brand’s rediscovery of the golden age and a modern masterpiece created from the perspective of a contemporary male. And the spirit to which he belongs is to bring back the elegance, chic and self-confidence that men once had in the 1950s, and to interpret and reconstruct it with the unique aesthetic style of Vacheron Constantin, showing that men in the new century are more refined, confident and vibrant. Changeable lifestyle.

Celebrities Debut Chanel J12xs Watch Release Party

On August 16, 2016, Chanel hosted a new J12XS watch launch party at the Expo Creative Show. Stars Chen Weiting, Bai Baihe, Liu Shishi, Jiang Shuying, and supermodel Liu Wen appeared on the scene.
 The sporty Chanel J12 was born in 2000. Once the J12 watch made of high-tech precision ceramics was launched, a whirlwind blew into the watchmaking world. In 2003, the J12 watch changed from an absolutely deep black to a pure white. The pioneering of white ceramic watches was different at that time and led the trend of wearing white ceramic watches.
In 2016, Chanel launched the new J12XS watch, her exquisite and exquisite, is the focus of much attention.
This 19 mm watch is exquisite and bold, inheriting classics and subverting tradition.
She has an unrestrained style statement, exquisite in the heart and in the air.
She leads the unique watch wearing rules, above the ring, or integrated with gloves, bracelets.
Glamour and time. J12 · XS, unbeatable!
 Stars Chen Weiting, Bai Baihe, Liu Shishi, Jiang Shuying, and supermodel Liu Wen appeared at the new Chanel J12XS watch launch party.

 Chen Weiting is wearing CHANEL 2017 early spring vacation series (style 6), wearing a CHANEL J12 GMT black matte watch 41mm.

 Bai Baihe is wearing a CHANEL 2016 ready-to-wear ready-to-wear dress (style 80) with a small CHANEL J12XS black bracelet.

 Liu Shishi wore a CHANEL 2016 autumn and winter ready-to-wear ready-to-wear tweed short coat (style 26) and a CHANEL J12 Pink Light white watch 38mm.

 Jiang Shuying wore a silk top of the CHANEL 2016 “Paris in Rome” high-end handmade workshop series, wearing a CHANEL J12 black diamond watch 33mm.

 Liu Wen is wearing a CHANEL 2016 “Paris in Rome” high-end handmade square series seven-point sleeves pullover and straight skirt (style 11), wearing a CHANEL J12XS white bracelet small model.

 Han Huohuo is wearing a CHANEL 2016 “Paris in Rome” high-end handmade tweed jacket (style 28) and a CHANEL J12 Calibre 3125 black watch.

Panerai Opens 60th World-wide Boutique In Colorado

According to Watch House, in 2014 New York’s famous Italian watch brand Panerai has developed its own market in North America and achieved impressive results in retail. Of course, so far Panerai has ten boutiques in the United States, and recently the brand opened its 60th boutique in Colorado.

 The location of the store is still the area’s high-end shopping district. Colorado is a state in the Midwestern United States. The state is best known for having the highest peaks of the Rocky Mountains and the terrain from the plain to the east. Suddenly rising to the western ridge, the geographical landscape is very magnificent.

 However, Aspen Mall in Colorado is also a place frequented by many high-end consumer groups, including celebrities. The design of the store this time adopts an open style. In the spacious 1255 square foot space, the local landmark tourist resort Aspen Mountain can be seen at a glance.

 The main decoration styles of the store show the intimacy that the brand wants to express. The comfortable atmosphere and elegant color harmony follow a simple principle that relaxes visitors. Of course, the entire store has introduced the brand over the years. Definitely essential.

 The legendary classic sandwich structure design and the wonderful connection between the Panerai brand and the sea are reflected in the store’s decoration.

 I believe that every customer who walks into the Panerai store will feel the intimate feeling conveyed by the brand. In addition, the boutiques that Panerai has already opened in the United States are located in Bar Harbor, Beverly Hills, Boca Raton, and Laho. Asia, Dallas, Las Vegas, Naples, New York City, and Palm Beach.

Longines Praises The Elegance And Performance Of The ‘longines Irish Championship Weekend’

During the Longines Irish Champions Weekend this weekend, equestrian enthusiasts from all over the world dress up carefully and attend Leopardstown and Calle ( Curragh) race, held in hopes of winning the Longines Prize for Elegance.

   Saturday and Sunday elegance award winners Ciara Murphy and Anna Maguire were awarded a Longines DolceVita watch, while Lawson Mpame and Chris Bonini were awarded the Longines Master Collection respectively. One watch.

   On the other side of the racetrack, the competition is also fierce, with top horses and jockeys from around the world showing outstanding performance in the Longines Irish Championship Weekend. On Saturday, Longines’ focus event ‘QIPCO Irish Champion Stakes’ was won by Christophe Soumillon, the rider of ‘Almanzor’; and the Palmerstown House Estate Irish St Leger race at Calle, Sunday Frankie Dettori of ‘Wicklow Brave’ won the championship. Frankie Dettori won the “Longines World Best Jockey 2015” award in Hong Kong last December.

Ignored Rolex Balance Adjustment System

Every change in movement technology is an exploration of the cutting-edge concepts of mechanical watchmaking, or it will become famous or fleeting. In any case, the infinite between square inches may always be the most attractive to watch lovers. Heartstrings. Rolex, a well-known watchmaking company headquartered in Geneva, is well-known in the watch industry. It has no super complicated functions, no delicate and beautiful movements, and no limit. It is now a world-renowned watch legend.

Rolex Watch Factory
From Cal.3235

Above: Date-type with caliber 3235. Below: Day-of-the-week model with caliber 3255.

    Since the middle of the last century, Rolex’s major series of appearance designs have been subtly evolving, but they have never betrayed their ancestors. The continuous breakthrough and development of movement technology have rarely exposed the surface of the mountains. Ask, you can’t be sure how this watch and movement are different from the past. Last year (2015), Rolex released two new movements: Cal.3235 and Cal.3255. Most people know Cal.3255, but few people know Cal.3235. Historically, Rolex journal-type movements and day-of-the-week movements, if there are important technical innovations, are often launched together, just like Cal in 1977 When .3035 was launched, Cal.3055 also appeared. When Cal.3135 replaced Cal.3035 in 1988, Cal.3055 was also replaced by Cal.3155.
Every change of number is an important technological innovation

Rolex’s important 3-series movement evolution

    From the original Cal.3035 to today’s Cal.3235, after 40 years, there have been too many technical changes, large and small, and each change in the number is an important technical innovation, of course, there are also important points . Cal.3035 to Cal.3135, and Cal.3135 to Cal.3235, basically the layout design of the movement has been adjusted very much. The differences between these numbers are obvious. And Cal.3135 to Cal.3136, mainly the shock absorber KIF replaced by Rolex patent Paraflex. The change in the number at the beginning of the movement number is directly a complete change in the function and type of the movement, indicating two completely different movements.
Rolex special structure-fine adjustment screw for balance wheel clearance

Improved wheel train for Rolex 3255

   Therefore, the new Cal.3255 released in 2015 is fundamentally different from the previous Cal.3155, but it has not exceeded the scope of the movement type. They are the exclusive movements of the day-of-the-day watch (DD). So what’s the difference? I think most of the differences were already known at the beginning of the year. For example, the barrel wall was 50% thinner, the new paramagnetic Chronergy escapement system (15% efficiency) was used, and the pallet fork was thinner than the previous generation. 50%, dynamic storage increased to 70 hours, more than 90% of the parts of the movement are redesigned or changed, the accuracy of the original observatory is doubled, 14 patents and so on. However, there is a relatively detailed change that is little known. This change is not small, but it is very conspicuous. In fact, it should not be ignored. It is the fine adjustment screw on the swing bridge.

Two trimmer screws in Rolex Cal. 3130 movement

    Speaking of this fine-tuning screw, it is the first time it appears in the 3XXX basic movement, but it is not only in 2015, so it is not a new technology, but for Cal.3235 or Cal.3255, it is a No small change. Before talking about this fine-tuning screw, the first thing we have to say is the fine-tuning screw hidden under it. In Cal.3235 / Cal.3255, the balance wheel bridge board has made very obvious changes compared to the previous generation, except for the original Except that the clips fixed above the bridge plate with screws disappeared, there were originally two fine-tuning screws under the bridge plate, and now there is only one. The function of this screw is to finely adjust the balance of the balance wheel by adjusting the position of the swing bridge. During the installation process, the position deviation of the bridge will directly affect the position of the swing and thus the travel time. These two fine-tuning screws have been available since Rolex’s transition from the single bridge of 30XX to the 31XX series movement, which also shows that although the double-arm bridge is more stable and reliable than the original single-arm bridge The position accuracy is also better, but it is not perfect. Once the position deviation occurs, there is no room for fine-tuning.

Audemars Piguet 3120 movement with two-arm swing bridge
    In all Rolex modern movements, as long as the balance wheel structure of the double-arm bridge plate, there is a fine-tuning structure under the splint. This measure ensures that even if the position of the pendulum or the splint is shifted even after years of use, There are ways to make adjustments without replacing parts, which provides greater convenience for later maintenance. As the advantages of dual-arm bridges become more and more well known, many brands are also using dual-arm bridges, such as the new generation of coaxial movements such as Omega’s 85xx series and 9xxx series, as well as Audemars Piguet and Jaeger-LeCoultre. Count, Piaget, etc., but without exception, except for Rolex’s use of fine-tuning screws under the pendulum bridge, other brands have no similar fine-tuning structure (patent impact? I wonder if a watchmate knows).

Rolex 3255 movement substrate

    In Rolex’s 31XX series movements, there are two fine-tuning screws under the splint, and some of their edges are exposed outside, and a certain gap is left on the substrate next to it, which is convenient for tools to fine-tune these two screws. After the 32XX series movement in 2015, all this changed, the fine adjustment screw on one side of the bridge board was cancelled, the fine adjustment screw on the other side was still there, but a fine adjustment screw with a scale appeared out of thin air. In the official Rolex presentation, this structure is ignored because it is not new technology and has been ‘used’ for 16 years.

Rolex 3255 trimmer structure
    In fact, this fine-tuning screw is geared below and meshes with the original fine-tuning screw at the bottom. The benefits of having a scale are obvious. It is very easy to fine-tune after quantification. The amount that each scale can be fine-tuned should be recorded in the official internal information. Cancelling a fine-tuning screw may be considered that unilateral fine-tuning is sufficient, and fine-tuning on both sides is necessarily more troublesome than unilateral fine-tuning, and accuracy is also more difficult to grasp.
The 16 years of fine adjustment screw of balance wheel clearance

Rolex 2235 movement

    As mentioned earlier, this technology is not a new technology. Looking at all the modern movements of Rolex, this structure has taken shape since the launch of 2230 (2235) in 1999. At that time, this additional fine-tuning screw had no scale. Nor is it integrated with the balance bridge.

Fine-tuned structure of Rolex 4130 movement

    In 2000, with a series of changes in the structure and components of the movement, the Cal. 4130 chronograph movement using this structure replaced the 4030 type movement that has been used for eleven years since 1989. It is semi-integrated into the pendulum bridge plate (in 2235, the trim screw is not fixed by the entire splint, and in 4130, it shares the pendulum bridge plate with the trim screw).

Rolex 9001 movement

    In 2012, Rolex Sky-Dweller came out and launched the new Cal.9001 automatic movement equipped with Rolex. Instead of making the pendulum bridge trimming structure more streamlined, it became more complicated. In addition to the two fine-tuning screws of the 31XX series, There is also a trim screw next to each trim screw, and the trim screw at the bottom is ‘hidden’.

Fine-tuning structure of 3255 movement with scale

    In the 32XX series movement in 2015, the fine adjustment structure of the pendulum bridge plate of the original 41XX series movement was completely integrated into the pendulum bridge plate, and the scale was also made. Therefore, this is not a new technology, but it has been evolving for the first time in the 3XXX series.

Summary: Rolex movements have always been known for their precision and durability. In addition to this, in addition to having many Rolex patented special materials and structures, the more important point is that most of the parts in Rolex movements can be maintained at a later stage. It is adjusted again, instead of having to replace parts, so even Rolex watches decades ago can still be accurately moved after maintenance. The silicon hairspring, which has been very popular in the past few years, has gradually faded in recent years. The important reason is that the silicon material is too brittle and only parts can be replaced after damage. These watches may face the dilemma of no replacement parts and can only be scrapped. Therefore, in addition to the good watch now, whether it is easy to be rescued for decades or even hundreds of years is equally important. No doubt, the durability of Rolex is also reflected in this.

A Tribute To Chinese Legend Zenith’s ‘legend · China’ Project Officially Launched

On July 14, the National Museum of Beijing, the famous Swiss watchmaking brand Zenith held a ‘Legend · China’ press conference. The prelude to Zenith’s ‘Legend · China’ project has begun. As a new long-term project for Zenith in the Chinese market, ‘Legend · China’ aims to praise the magnificent Chinese culture and pay tribute to Chinese legends.

   Zenith Global CEO Mr. Aldo Magada came to the scene, and invited the famous historian and lecturer of the 100 forums, Mr. Yuan Tengfei, as the spokesman and honorary consultant of the project, and shared his ‘legend · Unique Insights from China.

   ‘Zhenli always believes that legends are born in the times, and times create legends. There is an old saying in China that times create heroes. I want to express the same truth. In any moment, in any place in the world, explore The legendary spirit that transcends the era, and the interpretation of the origin of the era and the legend, are of extraordinary significance to the country and the nation. ‘Mr. Aldo Magada, CEO of Zenith Global, addressed the event.

   As a legendary watchmaking brand with a history of more than 150 years, Zenith has been committed to exploring the track of time, paying tribute to historical legends, and has deep roots with historical legends. Waiting, Zenith will combine the recommendations of the project spokesman and honorary consultant Mr. Yuan Tengfei, and select a Chinese historical legend each year as a design inspiration to launch a new watch under the prestigious Columbus series. The first new watch is expected to be released in early 2017.

   At the end of the event, Zenith Global CEO Mr. Aldo Magada and Mr. Yuan Tengfei unveiled the ‘Legend · China’ project and took a group photo.
Summary: Putting aside the product itself, in a sense, through the ‘Legend · China’ project of Zenith, it has the opportunity to pass on such an opportunity and platform as a watch, so that people can review these births Great people and legends are a good thing.

Casio Creates An Instinctive Gentleman On The Wrist Ocw-t1000e

Casio OCEANUS has always focused on pursuing the complete fusion of craftsmanship and technology, and constantly introduces new models to present better watches to consumers. Its high-quality Smart Access intuitive operating system only requires pressing the crown Simple operations such as pulling, pulling, and rotating can be used for various operations and switching, not only closer to the needs of the wearer and greatly improving convenience, and its elegant appearance is more acclaimed. In 2011, OCEANUS launched the OCW-based marine concept. T1000E, soft and bright shades emit unique light like blue ocean waves.
 Elegant and fashionable appearance shows the unique gentleman style of OCEANUS OCWT-1000
 The surface of OCEANUS OCWT-1000 is composed of hand-milled sapphire glass. OCW-T1000E flashes a light and elegant blue light, as sparkling in the summer sun, showing the freshness of the ocean, while OCW-T1000D presents a mature and stable feeling with a deep blue ocean. The side crown is engraved with the OCEANUS brand logo, giving the watch its vitality from the ocean. It is matched with the special ザ ラ ツ hand-grinding technology of Japanese handmade expressors. It is carved with smooth, arc, and transparent watches. Multi-level blue tone It shows a delicate and exquisite feeling, and its surface is more concisely presented with the upper and lower symmetrical watch eyes, which not only makes the line design clearer, but also increases the readability of the watch.

 OCW-T1000E-2A MSRP $ 39,000 OCW-T1000D-2A MSRP $ 39,000
 Smart Access intuitive operating system and intelligent functions create convenient experience
 OCEANUS OCW-T1000 is equipped with its original Smart Access, which uses different motors to actuate the hour hand, minute hand and second hand on the central axis, respectively, to achieve completely independent hand movements, to achieve smooth practical functions of switching between various modes and displays, only You need to perform simple operations such as pressing, pulling, and rotating the crown to switch between cities in world time, or to set an alarm. This will bring a more relaxed and enjoyable experience for the wearer.
‘TOUGH MOVEMENT’ movement and automatic radio time adjustment bring convenience to life
 Equipped with the ‘TOUGH MOVEMENT’ movement, it can receive 6 radio waves of the world with high sensitivity, including standard radio waves of China, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, and North America, and automatically correct the information such as time and date. School time. In addition, the composite mosaic structure can improve the durability of the movement, and the hand automatically corrects the function, automatically detects the error at 55 minutes and 00 seconds per hour, and automatically corrects the position of the hour, minute, and second hands, which is never impartial. Casio also uses an independent high-precision production line. Through cutting-edge technology production technology, each watch is 100% flawless and accurately assembled!

[OCEANUS T1000] Main functions
 SMART ACCESS intuitive operating system
 Equipped with ‘TOUGH MOVEMENT’
 Receive radio waves from 6 stations in the world
 Solar Power System
 Hand correction function
 Water-resistant to 100 meters
 1/20 stopwatch
 Fully automatic calendar (~ 2099)
 world time
 Titanium alloy strap
 Sapphire spherical glass surface
 Dimensions: 47.4 x 45.1 x 12 mm
 Weight: 100 g

Classic Iteration Hublot Launches Three New Classic Fusion Series Watches

Harold, London, July 3, 2017. Hublot has always been known for designing special edition timepieces in collaboration with celebrities in sports, fashion and music. In celebration of Harold’s “Made in Love, Preciseness” iteration, Hublot launches three new classic fusion watches, which will be exclusively available in Harrods from June 30, helping this luxury retailer Redefining the world of fine watches.

   Three brand new timepieces demonstrate Hublot’s vision of creating a watch that combines tradition and innovation. To implement this concept, the brand cleverly combines classic watchmaking methods with modern cutting-edge design. Last year, the classic fusion blue watch launched by Hublot and Harold received a warm welcome and great success. This year’s three iterative watches are a tribute. The new timepieces are dominated by racing grey, providing stylish and modern choices, showing the true essence of Hublot. Considering Harold’s customers, the hour markers and digital design on the dial blend contemporary British style with international style.

   The new timepiece includes a 38mm version and two 45mm versions, the case is made of polished and satin-finished titanium, and the bezel is fixed by six H-shaped screws. For lovers with low-key nature, the classic fusion 45mm watch is the perfect choice. The simple gray dial is decorated with solar radiation patterns. It is limited to 40 pieces and is priced at 7,600 euros. For avid watch enthusiasts, there is also the classic fusion 45mm chronograph, limited edition of 20 pieces, with a list price of 10,200 euros. The last is a small but striking classic fusion 38mm watch with a bezel set with diamonds and a list price of 10,200 Euros. All three watches are equipped with a grey alligator leather strap (black rubber lining), and each watch is engraved with a unique limited number and the words ‘Special Edition + Harrods’.

   Hublot French, Belgian, Luxembourg, British, Irish and Eastern European brand directors said: ‘It is a pleasure to work with Harold to launch this very special iterative collection in the summer of 2017. Hublot is proud to have such a stable following At the same time, the brand also recognizes Harold’s key role in strengthening its retail network. Harold has a strong domestic and international customer base, and they have an avant-garde and discerning taste for high-end luxury watches. ‘

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