Ignored Rolex Balance Adjustment System

Every change in movement technology is an exploration of the cutting-edge concepts of mechanical watchmaking, or it will become famous or fleeting. In any case, the infinite between square inches may always be the most attractive to watch lovers. Heartstrings. Rolex, a well-known watchmaking company headquartered in Geneva, is well-known in the watch industry. It has no super complicated functions, no delicate and beautiful movements, and no limit. It is now a world-renowned watch legend.

Rolex Watch Factory
From Cal.3235

Above: Date-type with caliber 3235. Below: Day-of-the-week model with caliber 3255.

    Since the middle of the last century, Rolex’s major series of appearance designs have been subtly evolving, but they have never betrayed their ancestors. The continuous breakthrough and development of movement technology have rarely exposed the surface of the mountains. Ask, you can’t be sure how this watch and movement are different from the past. Last year (2015), Rolex released two new movements: Cal.3235 and Cal.3255. Most people know Cal.3255, but few people know Cal.3235. Historically, Rolex journal-type movements and day-of-the-week movements, if there are important technical innovations, are often launched together, just like Cal in 1977 When .3035 was launched, Cal.3055 also appeared. When Cal.3135 replaced Cal.3035 in 1988, Cal.3055 was also replaced by Cal.3155.
Every change of number is an important technological innovation

Rolex’s important 3-series movement evolution

    From the original Cal.3035 to today’s Cal.3235, after 40 years, there have been too many technical changes, large and small, and each change in the number is an important technical innovation, of course, there are also important points . Cal.3035 to Cal.3135, and Cal.3135 to Cal.3235, basically the layout design of the movement has been adjusted very much. The differences between these numbers are obvious. And Cal.3135 to Cal.3136, mainly the shock absorber KIF replaced by Rolex patent Paraflex. The change in the number at the beginning of the movement number is directly a complete change in the function and type of the movement, indicating two completely different movements.
Rolex special structure-fine adjustment screw for balance wheel clearance

Improved wheel train for Rolex 3255

   Therefore, the new Cal.3255 released in 2015 is fundamentally different from the previous Cal.3155, but it has not exceeded the scope of the movement type. They are the exclusive movements of the day-of-the-day watch (DD). So what’s the difference? I think most of the differences were already known at the beginning of the year. For example, the barrel wall was 50% thinner, the new paramagnetic Chronergy escapement system (15% efficiency) was used, and the pallet fork was thinner than the previous generation. 50%, dynamic storage increased to 70 hours, more than 90% of the parts of the movement are redesigned or changed, the accuracy of the original observatory is doubled, 14 patents and so on. However, there is a relatively detailed change that is little known. This change is not small, but it is very conspicuous. In fact, it should not be ignored. It is the fine adjustment screw on the swing bridge.

Two trimmer screws in Rolex Cal. 3130 movement

    Speaking of this fine-tuning screw, it is the first time it appears in the 3XXX basic movement, but it is not only in 2015, so it is not a new technology, but for Cal.3235 or Cal.3255, it is a No small change. Before talking about this fine-tuning screw, the first thing we have to say is the fine-tuning screw hidden under it. In Cal.3235 / Cal.3255, the balance wheel bridge board has made very obvious changes compared to the previous generation, except for the original Except that the clips fixed above the bridge plate with screws disappeared, there were originally two fine-tuning screws under the bridge plate, and now there is only one. The function of this screw is to finely adjust the balance of the balance wheel by adjusting the position of the swing bridge. During the installation process, the position deviation of the bridge will directly affect the position of the swing and thus the travel time. These two fine-tuning screws have been available since Rolex’s transition from the single bridge of 30XX to the 31XX series movement, which also shows that although the double-arm bridge is more stable and reliable than the original single-arm bridge The position accuracy is also better, but it is not perfect. Once the position deviation occurs, there is no room for fine-tuning.

Audemars Piguet 3120 movement with two-arm swing bridge
    In all Rolex modern movements, as long as the balance wheel structure of the double-arm bridge plate, there is a fine-tuning structure under the splint. This measure ensures that even if the position of the pendulum or the splint is shifted even after years of use, There are ways to make adjustments without replacing parts, which provides greater convenience for later maintenance. As the advantages of dual-arm bridges become more and more well known, many brands are also using dual-arm bridges, such as the new generation of coaxial movements such as Omega’s 85xx series and 9xxx series, as well as Audemars Piguet and Jaeger-LeCoultre. Count, Piaget, etc., but without exception, except for Rolex’s use of fine-tuning screws under the pendulum bridge, other brands have no similar fine-tuning structure (patent impact? I wonder if a watchmate knows).

Rolex 3255 movement substrate

    In Rolex’s 31XX series movements, there are two fine-tuning screws under the splint, and some of their edges are exposed outside, and a certain gap is left on the substrate next to it, which is convenient for tools to fine-tune these two screws. After the 32XX series movement in 2015, all this changed, the fine adjustment screw on one side of the bridge board was cancelled, the fine adjustment screw on the other side was still there, but a fine adjustment screw with a scale appeared out of thin air. In the official Rolex presentation, this structure is ignored because it is not new technology and has been ‘used’ for 16 years.

Rolex 3255 trimmer structure
    In fact, this fine-tuning screw is geared below and meshes with the original fine-tuning screw at the bottom. The benefits of having a scale are obvious. It is very easy to fine-tune after quantification. The amount that each scale can be fine-tuned should be recorded in the official internal information. Cancelling a fine-tuning screw may be considered that unilateral fine-tuning is sufficient, and fine-tuning on both sides is necessarily more troublesome than unilateral fine-tuning, and accuracy is also more difficult to grasp.
The 16 years of fine adjustment screw of balance wheel clearance

Rolex 2235 movement

    As mentioned earlier, this technology is not a new technology. Looking at all the modern movements of Rolex, this structure has taken shape since the launch of 2230 (2235) in 1999. At that time, this additional fine-tuning screw had no scale. Nor is it integrated with the balance bridge.

Fine-tuned structure of Rolex 4130 movement

    In 2000, with a series of changes in the structure and components of the movement, the Cal. 4130 chronograph movement using this structure replaced the 4030 type movement that has been used for eleven years since 1989. It is semi-integrated into the pendulum bridge plate (in 2235, the trim screw is not fixed by the entire splint, and in 4130, it shares the pendulum bridge plate with the trim screw).

Rolex 9001 movement

    In 2012, Rolex Sky-Dweller came out and launched the new Cal.9001 automatic movement equipped with Rolex. Instead of making the pendulum bridge trimming structure more streamlined, it became more complicated. In addition to the two fine-tuning screws of the 31XX series, There is also a trim screw next to each trim screw, and the trim screw at the bottom is ‘hidden’.

Fine-tuning structure of 3255 movement with scale

    In the 32XX series movement in 2015, the fine adjustment structure of the pendulum bridge plate of the original 41XX series movement was completely integrated into the pendulum bridge plate, and the scale was also made. Therefore, this is not a new technology, but it has been evolving for the first time in the 3XXX series.

Summary: Rolex movements have always been known for their precision and durability. In addition to this, in addition to having many Rolex patented special materials and structures, the more important point is that most of the parts in Rolex movements can be maintained at a later stage. It is adjusted again, instead of having to replace parts, so even Rolex watches decades ago can still be accurately moved after maintenance. The silicon hairspring, which has been very popular in the past few years, has gradually faded in recent years. The important reason is that the silicon material is too brittle and only parts can be replaced after damage. These watches may face the dilemma of no replacement parts and can only be scrapped. Therefore, in addition to the good watch now, whether it is easy to be rescued for decades or even hundreds of years is equally important. No doubt, the durability of Rolex is also reflected in this.

A Tribute To Chinese Legend Zenith’s ‘legend · China’ Project Officially Launched

On July 14, the National Museum of Beijing, the famous Swiss watchmaking brand Zenith held a ‘Legend · China’ press conference. The prelude to Zenith’s ‘Legend · China’ project has begun. As a new long-term project for Zenith in the Chinese market, ‘Legend · China’ aims to praise the magnificent Chinese culture and pay tribute to Chinese legends.

   Zenith Global CEO Mr. Aldo Magada came to the scene, and invited the famous historian and lecturer of the 100 forums, Mr. Yuan Tengfei, as the spokesman and honorary consultant of the project, and shared his ‘legend · Unique Insights from China.

   ‘Zhenli always believes that legends are born in the times, and times create legends. There is an old saying in China that times create heroes. I want to express the same truth. In any moment, in any place in the world, explore The legendary spirit that transcends the era, and the interpretation of the origin of the era and the legend, are of extraordinary significance to the country and the nation. ‘Mr. Aldo Magada, CEO of Zenith Global, addressed the event.

   As a legendary watchmaking brand with a history of more than 150 years, Zenith has been committed to exploring the track of time, paying tribute to historical legends, and has deep roots with historical legends. Waiting, Zenith will combine the recommendations of the project spokesman and honorary consultant Mr. Yuan Tengfei, and select a Chinese historical legend each year as a design inspiration to launch a new watch under the prestigious Columbus series. The first new watch is expected to be released in early 2017.

   At the end of the event, Zenith Global CEO Mr. Aldo Magada and Mr. Yuan Tengfei unveiled the ‘Legend · China’ project and took a group photo.
Summary: Putting aside the product itself, in a sense, through the ‘Legend · China’ project of Zenith, it has the opportunity to pass on such an opportunity and platform as a watch, so that people can review these births Great people and legends are a good thing.

Casio Creates An Instinctive Gentleman On The Wrist Ocw-t1000e

Casio OCEANUS has always focused on pursuing the complete fusion of craftsmanship and technology, and constantly introduces new models to present better watches to consumers. Its high-quality Smart Access intuitive operating system only requires pressing the crown Simple operations such as pulling, pulling, and rotating can be used for various operations and switching, not only closer to the needs of the wearer and greatly improving convenience, and its elegant appearance is more acclaimed. In 2011, OCEANUS launched the OCW-based marine concept. T1000E, soft and bright shades emit unique light like blue ocean waves.
 Elegant and fashionable appearance shows the unique gentleman style of OCEANUS OCWT-1000
 The surface of OCEANUS OCWT-1000 is composed of hand-milled sapphire glass. OCW-T1000E flashes a light and elegant blue light, as sparkling in the summer sun, showing the freshness of the ocean, while OCW-T1000D presents a mature and stable feeling with a deep blue ocean. The side crown is engraved with the OCEANUS brand logo, giving the watch its vitality from the ocean. It is matched with the special ザ ラ ツ hand-grinding technology of Japanese handmade expressors. It is carved with smooth, arc, and transparent watches. Multi-level blue tone It shows a delicate and exquisite feeling, and its surface is more concisely presented with the upper and lower symmetrical watch eyes, which not only makes the line design clearer, but also increases the readability of the watch.

 OCW-T1000E-2A MSRP $ 39,000 OCW-T1000D-2A MSRP $ 39,000
 Smart Access intuitive operating system and intelligent functions create convenient experience
 OCEANUS OCW-T1000 is equipped with its original Smart Access, which uses different motors to actuate the hour hand, minute hand and second hand on the central axis, respectively, to achieve completely independent hand movements, to achieve smooth practical functions of switching between various modes and displays, only You need to perform simple operations such as pressing, pulling, and rotating the crown to switch between cities in world time, or to set an alarm. This will bring a more relaxed and enjoyable experience for the wearer.
‘TOUGH MOVEMENT’ movement and automatic radio time adjustment bring convenience to life
 Equipped with the ‘TOUGH MOVEMENT’ movement, it can receive 6 radio waves of the world with high sensitivity, including standard radio waves of China, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, and North America, and automatically correct the information such as time and date. School time. In addition, the composite mosaic structure can improve the durability of the movement, and the hand automatically corrects the function, automatically detects the error at 55 minutes and 00 seconds per hour, and automatically corrects the position of the hour, minute, and second hands, which is never impartial. Casio also uses an independent high-precision production line. Through cutting-edge technology production technology, each watch is 100% flawless and accurately assembled!

[OCEANUS T1000] Main functions
 SMART ACCESS intuitive operating system
 Equipped with ‘TOUGH MOVEMENT’
 Receive radio waves from 6 stations in the world
 Solar Power System
 Hand correction function
 Water-resistant to 100 meters
 1/20 stopwatch
 Fully automatic calendar (~ 2099)
 world time
 Titanium alloy strap
 Sapphire spherical glass surface
 Dimensions: 47.4 x 45.1 x 12 mm
 Weight: 100 g

Classic Iteration Hublot Launches Three New Classic Fusion Series Watches

Harold, London, July 3, 2017. Hublot has always been known for designing special edition timepieces in collaboration with celebrities in sports, fashion and music. In celebration of Harold’s “Made in Love, Preciseness” iteration, Hublot launches three new classic fusion watches, which will be exclusively available in Harrods from June 30, helping this luxury retailer Redefining the world of fine watches.

   Three brand new timepieces demonstrate Hublot’s vision of creating a watch that combines tradition and innovation. To implement this concept, the brand cleverly combines classic watchmaking methods with modern cutting-edge design. Last year, the classic fusion blue watch launched by Hublot and Harold received a warm welcome and great success. This year’s three iterative watches are a tribute. The new timepieces are dominated by racing grey, providing stylish and modern choices, showing the true essence of Hublot. Considering Harold’s customers, the hour markers and digital design on the dial blend contemporary British style with international style.

   The new timepiece includes a 38mm version and two 45mm versions, the case is made of polished and satin-finished titanium, and the bezel is fixed by six H-shaped screws. For lovers with low-key nature, the classic fusion 45mm watch is the perfect choice. The simple gray dial is decorated with solar radiation patterns. It is limited to 40 pieces and is priced at 7,600 euros. For avid watch enthusiasts, there is also the classic fusion 45mm chronograph, limited edition of 20 pieces, with a list price of 10,200 euros. The last is a small but striking classic fusion 38mm watch with a bezel set with diamonds and a list price of 10,200 Euros. All three watches are equipped with a grey alligator leather strap (black rubber lining), and each watch is engraved with a unique limited number and the words ‘Special Edition + Harrods’.

   Hublot French, Belgian, Luxembourg, British, Irish and Eastern European brand directors said: ‘It is a pleasure to work with Harold to launch this very special iterative collection in the summer of 2017. Hublot is proud to have such a stable following At the same time, the brand also recognizes Harold’s key role in strengthening its retail network. Harold has a strong domestic and international customer base, and they have an avant-garde and discerning taste for high-end luxury watches. ‘

Luxury Gold Watch Shows Luxury In Publicity

In the cheetah decoration watch, Cartier has devoted great passion to the process of metal beads.

Madness really only has the hour hand, and the minute hand still follows the routine.

The cut-out design of the golden moon snake turn series of the magical moonlight of the giant family creates a translucent texture.

IPhoneSince the iPhone 5s released a golden version, there is a trend of ‘one who is a local tyrant and one who is fighting’. Gold items stand out in fashion week, and ‘local gold’ will not be the only one in the electronics world. In the watch and clock industry, the trend of ‘local tycoon gold’ is also menacing, showing its gorgeousness everywhere, and also showing their high prices.

Crazy hour hand

To celebrate the 10th anniversary, Franck Muller has launched a limited edition of crazy hours with diamonds set on the number 10, available in rose gold and white gold. Rose gold and diamonds, together with the crazy unique hour hand design, make this watch unique in the luxury of the local gold.

Crazy Hours has become Franck Muller’s most iconic series since its launch in 2003. It was named Crazy Time and later identified as Crazy Hours. Countless people will be shocked after watching this watch’s time-hopping method and will be surprised by the time. Presentation itself generates new understanding and reflection.

Holding this watch in your hand, the first feeling is: how so messy! There are only four Arabic numbers 1, 4, 7, and 10 at the correct points. The others are messy. what happened? Is this crazy design? Taste it carefully and observe it again. If we look at 1 point first, then 2 points, and continue to see 12 points, we will find the law. The name of the watch is Crazy Hours. Madness really only has the hour hand, and the minute hand still moves according to the routine. There will be a 5-hour scale between 1 and 2 and a 5-hour scale between 2 and 3, and so on until 12 o’clock. Each hour of the hour is a 5-digit promotion. As for whether you can understand time, it depends on whether you have the same unusual thinking.

This is the secret behind the hour hand Crazy. The angle that the gear drives the hour hand to jump every hour is the same, which is 150 degrees. This is a design completed from the inside to the outside, a great and crazy idea, not What a crazy person. We should pay tribute to the designers and engineers of this watch, who brought us a different time experience and visual effects.

款 For the first time, this model uses mirror polishing on all metal Arabic numeral nails. Each model is limited to 74 pieces. Still with FM 2800 HF automatic movement.

animal world
Animals have always been the inspiration for fashion design. What would it look like to plate the animal with gold? In this watch story where gold meets, Cartier finds a cheetah, while the giant family and Athens express the artistic texture with a snake.

In the cheetah decoration watch, Cartier was enthusiastic about the world and its miracles, and he was very enthusiastic about a gold jewelry process that was born at the beginning of human civilization. In order to make this door thousands of years old, rare and almost lost ancient craftsmanship reappeared, Cartier has carefully adjusted and improved to create the Rotonde de Cartier cheetah decorative watch.

The La Magic Moon-The Snake Collection, launched by this year’s family at the Basel International Watch Fair this year, pays tribute to the traditional Chinese Year of the Snake with a gorgeous snake-shaped watch. The snake-shaped watch is made of rose gold or platinum, and the original hollow design creates the delicate texture of the entire work. The bottom of the dial is covered with bright diamonds. Through this magic stage, the three-dimensionally carved golden snake floats above the base, creating a profound beauty. With the master craftsmanship of this master, this rotatable and spirited golden snake scale on the dial is as vivid as life. It shows the power of spitting letters, seems to be quietly convinced, straight out of the mirror …

Athens new 鎏 gold-filled enamel spirit snake watch with a 40 mm diameter 18K rose gold case, wear-resistant sapphire crystal glass and waterproof crown. Gold, painted enamel, and snakes became the logo of this watch. The craftsman first used the method of coloring enamel to sculpt the area to be colored directly with a chisel on the dial, and then filled it with glass enamel. The oxides of different metals can be refined into different colors. The dial is then baked at a high temperature to melt the enamel. After the surface of the enamel has cooled, polishing is completed. Upon completion, the dial presented a spectacular pattern: a giant snake quietly emerged from the dense foliage, ready to attack, ready for attack. It opened its teeth and tongue, exposed its fangs, stabilized its body with its tail around, and blue and green gem tones beating on the snakeskin.

Tiffany Ct60 Watch Appreciation

The prototype of the Tiffany CT60 comes from a Tiffany watch that is grateful to his father.

   In 1945, then-President Franklin Roosevelt received a birthday gift from his son-in-law, a Tiffany gold watch with a classic design. The back of the watch is engraved with ‘Franklin Delano Roosevelt, with loyalty, respect and affection.’

   Tiffany’s new Tiffany CT60 watch combines the heart of Swiss precision with the heart of New York energy. The extraordinary watchmaking skills and modern modern design are combined into one, internal and external, showing the wisdom of life and elegant temperament. It is the only choice to be grateful to my father.

Hamilton Sir

[Selling point]
Hamilton ranks among the world’s leading watchmakers with its recognized creation of elegant and durable watches

brand introduction
In 1892, Hamilton Watch Company was established in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Its first generation Broadway Express train pocket watch was hailed as ‘the most accurate train timer’. With its unparalleled accuracy and reliability, the Hamilton Train Timer ends the frequent train crashes and marks the beginning of a successful long-term journey.
During the second decade of the 20th century, Hamilton was known for being a provider of American troops. The first wristwatch provided was used by General & # 39; Black Jack & rdquo; along with his men and women who battled hard on the European battlefield.
In the 1920s, the rules of success for precision and durability reached new heights. In 1928, the popular watch Bagpipe Rock and the appearance of Yankee Watch established Hamilton’s leading position in American style.
During World War II, Hamilton stopped producing consumer watches, and concentrated on the difficult task of providing the US military with a total of one million watches. For the first time, Hamilton produced a marine timepiece using modern industry. About 10,000 Hamilton marine timepieces experienced the baptism of the war in World War II.
Hamilton secretly carried out the ‘Plan X’, after three years, finally in 1957, the world’s first electronic (battery-powered) watch, the Ventura series, came out. 1961 Elvis & middot; Presley wore his Hamilton Ventura watch when he performed the movie ‘Blue Hawaii’
At 6:01 am New York time on May 6, 1970, the world’s first digital display watch manufactured by Hamilton began to time.
The classic design style from the 1920s to the 1960s recovered in the 1980s and was reintroduced by Hamilton to watch design. In the past, the Boulton, Ardmore and Ventura series, which people loved a lot, aroused and led a fashionable whirlwind of classic watches in the industry.
The character continues Hamilton’s friendship with Hollywood through the movies ‘Men in Black’, ‘Deadly Weapon 4,’ ‘Fighting Club’, ‘Independence Day’, ‘Genius Ripley’ and ‘Electronic Love Letter’. The striking styles and styles used by women’s clothing designers and stylists complement the Hamilton watches, casting a large number of vivid characters.
Hamilton is one of the leading watch manufacturers in the world with its recognized creation of elegant and durable watches. Hamilton watches are the result of a strong American spirit and unparalleled state-of-the-art Swiss trend technology.

Radar Launched Precision Ceramic Series, Classic Two-color Match

In the fashion trend, no matter how the global fashion theme changes, black and white, and gold and silver are always in the fashion torrents to stay firmly in the classic throne, it is unbearable! Especially when the high-tech ceramic crystal black and the classic superb gold and silver are fused together, the rich and solid color is absolutely impossible for other materials to look back. Radar watches, which are good at high-tech ceramic timepiece technology, began to gradually increase the proportion of mechanical watches in the series last year to meet the consumer group who like automatic watches. The latest model precision ceramic series two-color mechanical watch is a retro design mixed with modern design, using the language of the radar to reshape the look of a new generation of luxury timepieces.

Black, white, gold, and silver are the invariable fashion laws in the world. The radar design team perfectly combines these color elements with high-tech ceramic materials and technology to create a fashionable mechanical watch that only leads the trend. This trend of ceramic fashion can be seen in the past two or three years. Various watch brands have switched to scientific and technological ceramics as part of their material elements. Radar watches allow more consumers to appreciate the beauty of the watch when they appreciate the beauty of the timepiece technology. The fashion trend of high-tech ceramics set off by radar.

The newly launched two-color mechanical watch of the precision ceramic series of the radar table also launched two color combinations of black gold and black silver: a top Wesselton, VVS, and G-class real diamond at 3 and 9 o’clock Watch, the other dial is designed with radial line hour markers. Both models have black dials, using ETA automatic mechanical movement, set with 25 gems, and at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock, respectively, the radar watch’s exclusive swinging anchor symbol and date symbolizing the mechanical watch Display window.

The black gold version of the new radar watch precision ceramic series two-color mechanical watch uses a touch of gold lines to make a large area of ​​black more vivid and natural, making black more mysterious. The golden luster is matched with four clear diamonds on the dials 3 and 9 or the same color radial indexes. The combination of elegance and glitter is eye-catching. The black and silver models have a sense of clarity in the noble, and they are more gentle in the bright colors. They are especially suitable for elegant, tasteful but low-key people. They show less fancy designs, whether they are diamond-set models or time scales. The design, through silver, even looks back to true, slowing down the pace of life and letting people regain the elegance they had long lost in their fine taste.

Longines Flying Over The Atlantic Watch

In 1933, Charles Lianba, the American pilot who completed the first nonstop flight over the North Atlantic Ocean, and his wife began to prepare for a flight over the ‘Far North’. The adventurer couple decided to take off from New York , Through Newfoundland, Greenland and Europe back to the United States via Gambia, Brazil, Cuba. To this end, Lianba not only chose a powerful aircraft with a 710-horsepower engine and a controlled-pitch propeller, but also brought a Longines chronograph specifically designed for this flight. In 2010, Longines re-issued this ‘Flying across the Atlantic’ to commemorate this great voyage. This mechanical chronograph watch has a diameter of 47.50mm and a self-winding movement. Like its original version, there is a small seconds dial at 9 o’clock, a 30-minute cumulative dial at 3 o’clock, and a tachometer that measures speeds up to 500 km / h. The watch has a sapphire crystal and a sturdy case, and the transparent back allows you to appreciate the movement.

Simple And Powerful Elegant Model Tasting Cristoton White Dial Steel Chain Watch

‘Aestheticism, making only the highest quality watches’ is the motto of the famous Swiss watchmaking brand Baume & Mercier since its establishment in 1830. With its fine watchmaking skills and durable appearance, its watches have also been favored by many watch enthusiasts. By 2018, Baume & Mercier watch once again launched the brand’s first self-produced Baumatic ™ BM12-1975A precise, reliable and outstanding performance, and injected it into five new watches of the Crichton series The perfect combination of simplicity and elegance with rugged, precise and reliable performance, recreates the model of modern watches. As a representative of the steel models, the white plate steel chain model M0A10400 is more concise and powerful, giving people a bright eye. Let’s enjoy it together:

More beautiful

   When I first encountered a watch by Baume & Mercier, I was attracted by its delicate polishing and simple, formal appearance. Abandoning the prosperity and impetuousness will give you a sense of solidity, reliability and maturity, showing the unique connotation and charm of the brand. The new Clifton watch inherited this feature, merging it into a new design style, interpreting the exclusive aesthetics of the new classic.
First self-made movement

   As the brand’s first self-made movement, the BM12-1975A self-produced movement has a highly recognizable appearance. Fancy polishing improves the recognition of the movement and displays the brand’s exclusive attributes. In terms of performance, this movement also has two major highlights: 1. The use of a silicon hairspring can effectively improve the antimagnetic performance of the watch and make the movement more accurate. 2, 120 hours (5 days) of ultra-long power reserve to ensure the watch’s long-term companionship. In other words, even if it is taken off on Friday, it will still keep accurate time when it is worn next Monday. In addition, it also has a 5-year warranty, showing the brand’s full sincerity.
Watch real shot display

   The stainless steel case of the new watch, with a diameter of 40 mm, is polished and polished on the front to show a delicate and delicate feel. The sides are brushed and polished to present a different look, while increasing the durability of the watch, which can reduce the impact of accidental scratches on the look of the watch.

   The arc of the round case extends all the way to the lugs, occupying a smooth line. The lugs are slightly curved, which fits the watch well to the wearer’s wrist and is ergonomically designed.

    Porcelain white dial, fuller and three-dimensional under the arched sapphire crystal glass. The diamond-shaped faceted rivet-type three-dimensional hour markers are integrated with the charcoal gray minute scale, which reflect with the slender Alpha (Lancet) hands in the center, making the time indication more intuitive and clear. The date display window is set at 3 o’clock, adding practical functions to the watch.

   Behind the technical case back, through the transparent back cover, you can see the look of the Baumatic ™ BM12-1975A homemade movement. The stainless steel hollow oscillating weight is engraved with the brand’s English name and 5 DAYS POWER RESERVE. With silicon springs, 5-day power storage and other superior performance, greatly improved travel time accuracy and durability.

    A five-row link stainless steel bracelet with a satin-finished connection and a polished finish on the rest, presenting two impressions. Equipped with a triple folding safety buckle, it can be worn easily with a simple press.

Baume & Mercier Clifton white dial steel chain watch

Summary: Compared with other belt models, the stainless steel model is more classic, simple and powerful. Coupled with the integration of the new movement, this white-steel steel belt model has become a popular new Clifton series watch that is both interesting and easy to get started. Cousins ​​who like it, may wish to pay more attention.

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